You know the book will be good when the cover has a picture of Nathan Bedford Forrest and the title begins with “The Politically Incorrect Guide To …” In this Southern Nationalist book, H.W. Crocker III leads the reader through a trail of myth busting truths, debunking such ideas such as slavery being the cause of the war and the idea that secession was illegal and treasonous. Jefferson would agree with Crocker as would most of the other founding fathers who believed that revolution was an American right; how could they not?

Additionally, Crocker brings the reader an overview of secession fever and the war’s major battles and leaders, all from a Southern perspective which means no slamderous Yankee overtone that demonizes us. While Crocker has an obvious Southern bias, it does not cloud the truth he puts forth in the book, unlike Yankee “historians” do in their books. He also dismisses the claim that all Southern generals were geniuses. In fact, several high-ranking ones like Braxton Bragg and Joseph E. Johnston did little more than snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

In this way, the book serves as an introduction for Southern nationalists and truth-seekers to the Civil War, or more accurately, the War of Northern Aggression. Crocker covers obscure details not typically known by your average person. Details like Jefferson Davis’ dealings with the Vatican as well as George Thomas’ betrayal to the South. He also goes into detail of Robert E. Lee’s career as one of the most intelligent generals in American history, even calling him the George Washington of the Confederacy. An additional section is dedicated to the possibilities a Confederate victory would have produced such as a Confederate Cuba and the gradual abolition of slavery.

In conclusion, if you haven’t read about the Civil War before, I highly recomend you get this book to start you off. If you want a well-informed Southern-oriented overview of the war, this is it.


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