Something has gone so godawful awry in American History, that, I have no choice but to drop a great big truth bomb on you!

Our Forefathers, members of the White Southern Race, who were dubbed as ‘The Rebels’ by The New England Yankee United States’ Government of the early 1860s, were far from that.

No, in fact, they, The New England Yankees, were, as they continue to be today, The ‘Rebels’ from The American Way – NOT our Southron Confederate Forefathers, and certainly NOT those of us who in recent times have been dubbed ‘The Neo-Confederates’. I can already see the ignorant responses.


Right! – Let me get this right : you see yourself as an anti-fascist, anti-racist American who can only see the whole history of The South through the prism of what you regard as unreasoning fascism and barbarous slavery.

Alright, before I go on to other points, I’ll be so very kind as to accommodate you here : YES, America had a slaving plantation society, as has, more importantly, the whole everloving world!

Gee … I hope you got that.

Before you get your panties in a wad, let’s remember the Bible actually defended slavery. Obviously Saint Paul and, more importantly, Jesus Christ thus God, the Father, thought it, slavery, would always be with us, which is why they gave out detailed instructions about how slave and master, master and slave, were to treat each other.

This is something you, Leftist Jew-England Yankee modernist types, always ignore.

“Jesus was a Liberal,” so they love to say!

Apparently not, because Jesus Christ never once spoke out against the institution of slavery, nor did he, in his many journies into various-n-sundry places, ever attempt to set one single solitary slave free. Not once.

Oh, well…
I hear that triggered response.


Right, here we go again – Slavery is a Southern Thang, huh?

No, what is a Southern thing is to be open and honest about our ways, UNLIKE The Jew-England Yankee Doodle Dandy United States; an entity which, by the way, imports millions and millions of its field-hands from Mexico, whilst redubbing them ‘illegals’ all the while using the energy they have spared to keep their fingers pointing at us for being ‘hateful slavers’.

And, oh, yes : what about the many tens of millions of slaves who, in 3rd World Sweat-shoppes, slave away for minute wage, in unhealthy circumstances, all to provide the super franchises, that do business here, (and have gobbled up entire industries) with ultra cheap goods?


If you hate slavery, then you should first and foremost hate The Jew-England Yankee United States’ Government, or is it that, for you, hiding and reclassifying your beloved Blacks makes the practice completely acceptable for you?

Right, you are blushing and pisst because you have no good answer for that question.

‘It’s not your wish that things be so’, you reply?

Well, I’ll not let you off the hook so easily.

Nope, if you consider that it was good that the then New England Yankee United States’ Government beat The South, because of ‘slavery’ then you are suffering from such oxymoronicity that your brain functions have truly become paralyzed.


Nope, our side, The Southern Confederacy, (and our Copperhead Friends) was fighting for a constitutionally-limited government that was protecting the original ideas of America- local control for local White Men, that an idea which, the further and further we digress from it, the more unmanageable and unliveable becomes this country – unless your sole goal is to be a perma-welfare slug or the bureaucrats who oversee such.

Nope, the real Rebels from the American Way were those who were in Bluecoats and flew The Stars & Stripes, as they self-righteously raided, invaded, and pillaged The South.

Come to think of it, as more and more evidence piles up that the Jew England United States’ Government, Anno 2018, has seceded from the very laws and system it says it is sworn to defend and protect, it becomes crystal clear who the Real Rebels are, NOT us, but, them.


And so it is that an Ohio Confederate acquaintance of mine has very aptly said it was The Antebellum South who ought to have stayed in The Union, and waited for The North to secede, instead of leaving it, for, if the truth be known, it was New England which has, almost from the very start, been so very very opposed to The American Way – the Confederate Way – diverse autonomous communities where local White Men are in control.

If you think the prospect of Local White Men in Control of Local Communities is terrifying, we immediately know just how ‘American’ you are – no matter how many centuries you claim that your ancestors have been here.

And speaking of who is seceding and who ought secede : as we watch more and more Blue States, and cities in Blue States, exempt themselves from more and more Federal Laws, I think this is exactly what is going to occur – The Blue States will be finally known for what they are – rebellious, treasonous, and seditious haters of the American Way.

Those men, (both alive and dead) and that monument, shown below , they were the true Americans, who understood The American Way – NOT ‘The Rebels’.

-By Ivan Turgenev



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