Neo-Cons never let up do they? They know they’ve failed to uphold anything remotely Western and traditional, so it seems they would rather mock the people who wish to do so.

In a video by PragerU, made a little under a year ago, the cuckservative organization describes the Alt-Right as nothing more than a leftist infiltration of the rightwing. They claimed that because the movement recognizes race as important, has a few outliers that hate Christianity, and a few more that go so far as to believe in totalitarian government, that that must mean the Alt-Right is actually part of the left. This is the idiocy of the horseshoe theory which roughly states that communists and fascists are just two sides of the same coin.

This is nothing but slander and hopeless efforts on the part of neo-cons to deflect leftist slander of neo-cons apparently they haven’t figured out that the left will continue attacking us no matter what.

The PragerU video in question, also stated another idea of neo-cons, that the founding fathers believed everyone was equal but just never put it into practice because of the evil, lazy Southerners who wanted to exploit Blacks. Going through this is jumping down a rabbit hole however and should be done in a separate article so for now, I’ll just link to an article on this topic by American Rennaissance.

One claim of the horseshoe theory, which is only ever supported by classic liberals and neo-cons, is that one similarity of the left and right wing extremes is that both are obssessed with identity politics. This claim is true, but ignores the fact that identity politics are vital to the preservation of a nation. America practiced White identity politics for over 200 years. Nevertheless, proponents of the theory claim that traditional Western values are based upon individualism, not collectivism. The problem here is that they misunderstand traditional Western values on the two ideals.

The West values individualism, yes, but they also recognize that we all have a duty to a collective and are part of a collective. Neo-cons are attempting to erase this, at least for White people. Their beloved Jews can keep all that though, only Whites have to give it up entirely.

The best and most true political “theory,” as of right now at least, is the political compass.

While not completely foolproof and lacking the layer identity politics add, the compass does the political spectrum more justice than the horseshoe theory or any other theory.

What PragerU teaches in their video is that the Alt-Right is anti-Christian and anti-Western. In truth, it is PragerU that is anti-Western (not necessarily anti-Christian though). They advocate for ideas that will and have leade to the West’s decline and balkanization. You simply can not ever hope to unite all the world’s people, with all their various cultures and religions in one country and hope for the country to stay together. America nearly broke up just with having two different cultures and we would’ve too if it wasn’t for those meddling Yankees!

Just because the Alt-Right recognizes this does not mean we are leftists. The left does not recognize this whatsoever, they only advocate for identity politics to bring about the demise of homogenous and successful societies likes those seen in the West and East Asia Japan is experiencing the same leftist narratives and movements as are in the West, just to a much smaller degree. Leftist identity politics are vastly different than the Alt-Right’s.

Not only that, but the Left’s beloved religions are vastly different from the Alt-Right’s with the Left pushing all religions except Christianity and the Alt-Right doing the opposite.

Additionally, the differences in social structure are polar opposites as the Alt-Right advocates for traditional families, abolition of abortion, anti-LGBT, and anti-feminism with the left, of course, opposing anything that creates a stable society which means they advocate for the exact opposite of the right, even going so far as to oppose marriage and stable families.

PragerU and other Neo-Con platforms want you to reject your identity, surrender your duty to your people, and merely pretend to care about preserving the West. They will slander and pander, rant and rage, just like leftists to get their way. Their end goal is the same as the Left’s, the destruction of the West in favor of a globalist dystopia. Conservatives have failed to preserve anything and have only served to dispense false values on true nationalists and appear as if they are in opposition to the left’s agenda. In truth, they couldn’t care less if America became 90% Mexican, so long as the Mexicans are pro-gun libertarians that live and let live Alex Jones would be proud. This, of course, is a fantasy and any sensible person knows it.

If anything, the Neo-Cons are the leftists of the right wing.


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