Last month Pew Research Center released data regarding a survey done on Republican and Democrat voters. Most of the questions were about political activism and whether the respondants believed the midterms matter. The results were not surprising, but they were terrible.

These results show us how much more active the left is compared to us. They believe Trump is literally Hitler, after all. We already knew Democrats went to rallies more than Republicans. “Why?” you ask. Well, they hold more than we do, by far, so the opportunity is more available for them. Groups like Antifa and BLM also cause confrontations with Right-wingers wheb we hold our rallies, even if they are just for free speech. That means many of our people feel that rallies and protests are not worth it. Whether PRC included Trump rallies could skew the data though.

More data reveals that the culprit of this Democratic activism is the self-righteous White liberals who probably believe they are protecting minorities. They are much more active than Non-Whites.

What this particular data also shows is that we have work to do. We know the midterms matter and whether we like it or not, the blue wave is coming. It might be just enough to overwhelm us too, seeing how Stacy Abrams and Brian Kemp are neck and neck for the governor race in Georgia. Hopefully the polls are lying like they did with Trump but we can’t count on that.

We need to mobilize everyone we can. Volunteer for your local candidates, put up signs, go to meetings, be active. We can’t simply convince a few of our friends and pretend that’s enough. The Democrats are moving voters in, a million every year. We are being replaced so winning elections will be harder. Getting what we want will be harder, but it is possible.

As I’ve said before, even if you don’t feel that one candidate is our guy or is the best, make sure the Left’s does not win. You don’t have to be voting in a Republican, you can also vote out Democrats. Just like in 2008, we were left with the sorry choice of McCain and Obama, but we voted for McCain anyway. Picking the best of two evils is not a shameful thing to do as many believed approaching the 2016 election, it’s the smart thing. We cannot afford to sit back and pout because one candidate supports a few issues we don’t like. We can complain, of course, but we should still vote for them over our greater enemy.

So, when the midterms come, get out and vote. And in the meantime, get out of volunteer.


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