When Trump was running in 2016 his most popular plank (other than locking up Hillary perhaps) was no doubt The Wall. He dominated the Dixie Republican primaries with his call to be tough on illegal immigration. I remember the people of my own county and state’s enthusiasm for Donald Trump. While his calls to bring back jobs and coal ultimately won the Rust belt swing states of the North it was his calls to deport the mass hordes of illegal riff raff that won him the Southland. I remember the roaring cheers when Trump said, “The Wall just got Ten Feet Higher”. Yet, despite the promises of mass deportation of illegal aliens and the wall, we’ve received neither. The GOP congress has had multiple chances to pass funding bills for the wall, but they wimped out repeatedly over the contrived fear of a government shutdown.

These GOP con artists have proven themselves gutless. To add insult to injury is the fact they been throwing millions of dollars to the state Israel and used most of their political muscle for a giant corporate Tax cut. The tax cut went to the same snakes and corporate fat cats who are censoring and firing conservatives. These same globalist corporations who brought threats of boycott and economic destruction to South Carolina over their flag in 2015! They did the same to Georgia over the Religious Freedom bill! Yet these enemies of everything Christian, White and Southern, are the ones benefiting the most from the GOP tax cuts.

These guys get the Tax cuts

Sure, some of these mega corporations gave some bonuses to their workers but most of the money from the cuts were used to advance technology, so they could cut the more expensive worker, “cutting cost” is what they call it. The GDP is doing well as the GOP brags but that is because the big corporations are making more money. These globalist corporations are more likely to use their extra money on funding extremist minority pressure groups or increasing the paychecks of already filthy rich corporate cut throat CEO’s or to have LeBron James in their next TV ad than they are to increase the pays of their workers. Some might have think I’ve gone off course considering I started off talking about the wall but this is all connected.

The GOP and Trump are not going to make our wall. The GOP have had their chance for two years, but wouldn’t dare actually fund such an anti-immigrant policy. What did they use their control of congress to do? Tax cuts! They also condemned the patriots who marched on Charlottesville while declaring that the gangs of ANTIFA and BLM “dindo nuffin”. Trump signed that by the way. He also signed his executive order stopping invader kids from being separated from their sorry parents. The bottom line is that the national GOP won’t stop the invasion of our nation by radical brown Latinos and other low lives. Only in a Free Dixie will that happen.

They don’t take us seriously

In a Free Dixie, those “migrant children” wouldn’t be separated from their parents, no, we’d automatically deport both. In a Free Dixie we’d have our wall. In a Free Dixie Kate Steinle’s and Molly Tibbett’s murder wouldn’t have happened. In a Free Dixie these anti-White corporations would be made to bend their knee before the interests of the Southern people. In a Free Dixie we’d outlaw outsourcing and using robots to replace Blue-collar hard-working Southerners. We’d outlaw hiring visa workers from India to replace White-collar Southerners. In a Free Dixie every single illegal would be hunted down and deported. In a Free Dixie, illegals or anyone for that matter, who murder and rape our women (discounting frivolous Me Too claims) will be put to the sword once proven guilty. Southern Nationalism, not GOP plutocrat Conservativism, is the way to go.


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