Every time a major progressive democrat candidate makes headway in the South, it’s safe to assume they have some powerful backers. Most of the time these backers are Yankees and/or Jewish globalists, constantly looking to undermine the South.

Well, lately our “fellow countrymen” have been kicking it up a notch with Andrew Gillum, the progressive Black Democrat running for governor of Florida against Republican candidate, Ron Desantis. Gillum was endorsed by Bernie Sanders back in August which tells you much of what you need to know about him.

Gillum stands for gun control and is the typical delusional leftist, calling for the impeachment of Trump as well as diversity. Mike Fernandez, one of Gillum’s new supporters and a Cuban imperialist gave his reason for supporting Gillum, “The soil in the US is identical to the types of soil found throughout the globe, our America is an intangible dream crafted with diversity, ideas and actions and Trump and DeSantis dismiss such unacceptable. For this reason, I support Andrew Gillum.” Gillum’s backers get much worse than Fernandez though.

Hillary Clinton recently announced she’ll be campaigning alongside Gillum to which he happily accepted. But Clinton’s sorry enthusiasm and her reduction to nothing more than a footnote in American politics is less worrying than the $5,000,000 donation made by New York Jew, Tom Steyer. Indeed, just as Gillum gained at least a five-point lead, he gets millions in donations. Of course, the infamous George Soros endorsed Gillum in his bid for Tallahassee mayor, giving him about $250,000. Soros got in on the action for Gillum’s governor bid as well, giving him $250,000 more.

It seems the powers that be have picked their candidate very carefully. Gillum was the most progressive of the Democratic candidates, being more or less a political copycat of Bernie Sanders, just on a more local scale. Gillum has before voiced his concerns for an increased corporate tax rate of 7.75 percent, abolishment of ICE, and a $15 minimum wage.

Ron Desantis, the Republican candidate for governor, may be a Neo-Con, but at least his policies will not kill Florida outright, in fact, they may even help it along, though just like all other Neo-Con policies, it is only delaying the inevitable without a change in policy. He is heavily against illegal immigration and sanctuary cities as opposed to Gillum’s “diversity is our strength, socialism is the goal” policies.

If Gillum wins this election, that is the end of Florida. The formerly Southern state has undergone, much like Virginia, Yankeefication and an influx of minorities. Unlike Virginia however, there is still hope for Florida. The hope is that we can keep it from going completely blue, but if Gillum becomes governor, the state is sure to experience a massive increase in its minority population.

If Gillum wins, that will be the death knell of Florida.


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