If anything can be learned from the drama surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s supreme court nomination, it is that we are at war. The Left is waging an undeclared war against us and our ideology and they are willing to go to extreme, despicable lengths to see that we do not advance in politics. Christine Blasey Ford’s obviously false allegations of attempted rape are proof of this.

Any sensible person knows that they are obviously lies, yet, there are still people that refuse to accept it and continue to believe her, mostly just because she is a woman and Kavanaugh is a White man. She cannot remember when the supposed party happened, who took her there, where it was, whose house it was at, and none of the witnesses corroborate her story. Thanks to due process, Kavanaugh has not been put in prison due to these phony claims, but Leftists and their Neo-Con puppets still claim that Ford was flawlessly competent in her testimony and Kavanaugh’s outbursts proved he was guilty! Why on Earth would he be mad?

No surprise that they are also using his outbursts against him to claim that he is biased and should not be on the Supreme Court. Of course, had he not been mad and had been completely calm, they would have just used that to claim that he was guilty because, again, this is war, and they only care about the outcome. The ends justify the means.

As Lindsey Graham said, the Democrats are being corrupt and are doing all this for political gain. They don’t care whether Kavanaugh actually raped Ford, but then again, neither would Ford if she was telling the truth. They wouldn’t mind having a rapist on the Supreme Court, but they would mind having a Conservative. Again, unsurprisingly, the Left and the lying press are trying to smear everyone except their people and the campaign has now spread to Lindsey Graham, calling him an incel (involuntary celibate) and a sad White man. To any sensible person, which the useful idiots of the Left are not, Graham’s speech during the testimony would have only made them like him more as it’s not every day that a senator calls out corruption.

The testimony in question was still more shady. Christine Blasey Ford told the Senate she was scared to fly to testify even though she flies all the time for work and to visit family. She also lied about being in California but was actually in Delaware. This is corruption at its finest and it tells us exactly what the Democrats are attempting, to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation until they can take over the vote.

What we can learn from all this is that the Democrats are a bunch of shady, corrupt bureaucrats, backed by Dianne Feinstein’s ethnic group. Their only goal is to defeat our movement and if they have to break the law, li3 under oath, slander, and do other shady acts, then so be it. The worst Republican scandals are nothing like this, and the Democrats have plenty more where this all came from.

This should send a message to the Blue Dog Democrats who still stick with the dreaded party out of sheer stubborness. There is scarcely any reason one should ever have to vote Democrat and I doubt we will ever see the day where they are more desirable than the Republicans. If we have to switch parties again it should be to our own.

At the end of the day however, this isn’t a party war and many Republicans wage it against us alongside the Leftists. This is a war against White Christian values and the people that hold those values. Anything that advances our cause is to be shut down with no mercy. Hopefully the Southern people can wake up to that fact. When we answer surveys asking if we feel attacked, we should be getting 100 percent saying yes, not 50.

It’s time to step up.


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