What is the “Alt-Right?” Are we just a bunch of Nazis? Christian fundamentalists? Neo-pagan fascists? Many have tried to define it but all make the mistake of classifying it as a homogenous entity. We’ve been called all sorts of things, some true, some partially true, and some flatout wrong. In this article we will address the different sects of this group.

When we look back to Charlottesville, the largest Alt-Right rally in America as of yet, we see many different groups. The League of the South, Identity Evropa, Patriot Front, etc. I won’t try to classify the different groups but these groups show the differences in ideology and goals. The League, for example, aims to secure a free Southland. Patriot Front, on the other hand, wants to reclaim America as a White nation. Given this, we see the diversity of the movement so to call us all fascists, Nazis, or simple paleo-cons would be too far a generalization.

First, the fundamental beliefs all groups share is that Whites are under attack and that we have a right to our lands as a people, regardless of how we got them. We see that with the current trends, Whites will be a minority and we seek to stop that. We are nationalists of the West. This is the one core belief of the movement if there is one.

Many groups and people in the movement split on different topics. When it comes to religion, we have been said to be mostly atheists and pagans, especially by Neo-Cons. This is far from the truth however. Most of us are Christian and very much so, though there are a few atheists, agnostics, and pagans. In the Southern Alt-Right, it’s unfortunately the same as many Christians have labelled the religion as a Jewish subversive tactic to get Whites to worship Jews. This is false and many, if not all, Alt-Right members believe that the Jews have broken God’s covenant and do not worship Jews. Nevertheless, the small pagan side of the movement insists we are just “Christcucks.” Thankfully this group is small and few in number.

The atheists also typically are what you would call “Cultural Christians” and want to preserve Christianity because they know that our values are vital to our civilization. However there is also those atheists who do as the pagans do and hate Christianity, though again, I have found these people to be few in number compared to the Christian and Cultural Christian Alt-Right.

Now with that out of the way, we can move on to governmental organization. There is three main camps that I recognize, the authoritarians, the Identitarians, and the Classical Libertarians. Additionally there are the Race-realists who believe that race does affect physiology, psychology, behavior, and IQ, though a certain section of the Alt-Right ignores that whole debate entirely and focuses instead only on keeping America White. We’ll get to both of them later.

To start off, the Authoritarians are diverse in their ideology but all unite in the idea that big, strong government is the way to go. These include National Socialists, Monarchists, Fascists, and similar ideologies. These are the more radical individuals of the group, often advocating for large, centralized government. Some, like certain National Socialists and Fascists also advocate for extreme measures to fix America’s racial issues, though it’s important to note that not all do that.

Next, we have the Identitarians. They advocate for ethnostates, countries with a single core ethnic group. Many could also fall into the Authoritarian or Classical Libertarian groups, though most are a sort of “middle man,” advocating for a medium sized government that has strict immigration policies, similar to Japan’s, just for America or alternatively, setting it all aside for sake of the end goal, an ethnostate. One group like this is Identity Evropa. For more information on that organization I will link to their about page, but here is a quote from it specifying exactly the ideology this sect of the movement adheres to:

as Identitarians we do not advocate a particular form of economic or political organization. This does not mean that Identitarians have no opinions on such issues; instead, we are able to put aside these differences in order to focus on that which unites us: identity. Implicit within Identitarianism is the understanding that these forms of social organization are means to an end, with that end being the prosperity of our people and civilization.

Finally, the next major group, and it is major, is the Classical Libertarians as I like to call them. I have chosen to give them the “Classical” adjective to specify that they are not like modern Libertarians and Minarchists who believe that the government should only serve to provide policing, a military, and basic human rights laws. The Classical Libertarians recognize that government is not excessive just because it goes beyond that basic skeleton of a system. They know that limiting immigration is not an inherently “big government” action and it does not threaten individual freedom. Many in this group of the Alt-Right are Race-realists like Stefan Molyneux, acknowledging that race is more than just skin color and that evolution does not stop above the neck. Nevertheless, they maintain the idea that big government is corrupt and dangerous. Note: not all Classical Libertarians are Alt-Right.

But what about the Race-realists? Are they not in the other groups? Why yes, they are, and more than the Classical Libertarians. Still, all groups maintain the basic belief that Whites deserve their own homelands and most extend that honor to other peoples, rejecting imperialism.

So where does this put us in terms of the Southern Nationalist movement? Well, Southern Nationalism isn’t inherently a White movement, though it is predominantly. It is a cultural movement, though the Southern Nationalists in the Alt-Right do make is an ethnic movement because without Whites, Southern culture would not be Southern Culture. The culture in the Southland without Whites would just be a transplanted African culture with more Christianity and speaking English. If that is all you seek to preserve, then you are not a true Southern Nationalist. Realizing this, most Southern Nationalists believe in basic Alt-Right beliefs such as a rejection of diversity and White guilt, but they aren’t all there. The ones that refuse to be actual Conservatives are the “Rainbow Confederates” as they have come to be called, reveling in their token Black supporters.

For those that do go the extra mile and do believe in Alt-Right beliefs, the preservation of the Southland relies on more than just culture. We know that Dixie is our home, for our people, the Anglo-Celtic Southrons. We want to keep the South Southern, not just a place where the Battle Flag flies and Confederate monuments stand. Dixie is more than that.

True Southern Nationalists are Alt-Right. We are the true resistance, not the speedbump the Neo-Cons are. We don’t cave to slanderous words like “Racist” and “Supremacist.” If that is what you’re interested in, actually keeping the South Southern, join us.


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