The great expanse of liberty America experiences spawned a movement based on a radical hatred of all government. They maintain that virtually all restrictions on degeneracy, immigration, societal structure, and racial integration are characteristic of big government.

The main tenet of Libertarian is of course small government, however as mentioned above, many hold that government should hold almost no power. They believe that the government should only have the authority to enforce basic laws (i.e. no murder, theft, rape, etc.) while societal laws such as segregation are unjust as they violate the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle) which essentially states that nobody can be forced to do anything or restrained from doing anything, so long as they aren’t hurting others.

This is based on the false idea that our actions do not affect our environment and that our environment does not affect us. However, our environment does affect us and our views of the world. As America becomes more diverse, the younger generations become more and more tolerant for example. Moreover, twins share many miscellaneous behaviors and can often be mistaken as the same person but when separated right after birth, they tend to have different political views. Cultures do affect us, just look at Jack Yufe and Oskar Stohr. This is why homosexuals and race-mixing should be suppressed even though they’re relatively still taboo. Libertarians insist people won’t start being homosexuals just because we allow them to but that’s exactly what happened in Ancient Greece. If it’s allowed, it flourishes.

Modern Libertarians also insist that everyone should be free to move where they please, regardless of borders, so long as they are legal. They insist that opposing this is violating the NAP, therefore immigration should be unlimited with an easy road to citizenship. This is ironic given how Whites are the only racial group that consistently supports basic freedoms that America was founded on such as freedom of speech, religion, etc. Libertarians are essentially advocating for their own demise funnily enough.

Of course, not all Libertarians go so far as to say that violating the NAP is always bad, but many do have a “live and let live” mentality that has infected mainstream America, especially when it comes to homosexuality.

It has also infected mainstream Christianity to the point that many Christians support the LGBT movement and their right to do as they please even though God would never allow such things and they themselves are disgusted by it. They retreat to the typical “As long as it’s not their main identity” or “Just don’t shove it down my throat” arguments. Tolerance of degeneracy is not a Christian or Conservative value as society has to have standards. Sixteen year-old girls dating 40 year-old men doesn’t really hurt either party but we still oppose it, as we should. These people are spineless, just as bad, if not worse than Neo-Cons.

Like Neo-Cons, they are just puppets of the Left. This can be seen in Gary Johnson’s shameful adherence to progressivism. Again unsurprisingly, many prominent Libertarian idols come from a certain ethnic group, namely Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard.

Murray Rothbard

This ideology is dangerous to the West as its core belief centers on cultural nihilism and radical individualism.

To modern Libertarians, there is no desire to preserve the West, only a desire to preserve a hollow shell of supposed prosperity. A shell that, instead of being filled with the beautiful features of Western civilization, is instead filled with degenerate homosexuality, miscegenation, drug use, adultery, and overall apathy.

How any true Christian could support this is beyond me. God does not command us to allow anything and everything; He certainly doesn’t.

Americans and to a lesser degree (it isn’t as big down here as it is up there) Southerners, have unfortunately fallen in love with this belief system. This is why our country has been overrun with degeneracy like it has. This is why every day California outdoes itself with new, “progressive” actions. It’s because American men have thrown away their spine and have instead taken up nihilism. We no longer care for what goes on in our society, so long as it doesn’t harm us.

This isn’t the Southern way. The Southern way isn’t to sit back and allow all forms of swine pop up as have done in San Francisco. The Southern way isn’t to hide under the covers and wish the monsters away. The Southern way is to stand up and fight for what is right even if that requires setting some boundaries and telling people no. It isn’t unjust to establish laws, it’s unjust not to.


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