The Republican elites are the most gutless quislings to ever live. This party is the most shameful and disgraceful group ever to form. News has just been received that the Justice Department has arrested 4 White Nationalist activists from California for “violence” against the “protesters” during The Unite the Right Rally. These four brave young White men (of The Rise Above Movement) have been arrest and dragged away to federal gulags by the FBI in a Federal lawsuit. What is the crime? For Self-defense against the violent and left-wing mobs of Antifa. Some are even reporting that the FBI used Antifa blogs as their source to arrest the four RAM heroes.

California Anti-Communist RAM

This all is going down while California is blatantly breaking federal laws and mandates issued by the Trump Administration. Meanwhile, Antifa and far left radicals are actively planning and discussing doing bloody assassinations on Twitter. Leftist radicals over the past two years have been attacking and mobbing anyone right of John McCain in the streets. Trump supporters have repeatedly called for Trump to stop these thugs yet all he does is talk. Sure, he’ll talk about law and order, yet he continually allows Antifa and other so called “Anti-racists” to harass his own Senators. Just this week, Ted Cruz was harassed by a mob of foaming at the mouth leftist while merely trying to have lunch. The liberals declared that merely voting conservative is a “hate crime,” thus Cruz has no right to eat in public. At this point we’re merely asking Trump and the GOP to enforce the law and start mass prosecuting the leftist gangs but their too busy trying to investigate their own SCOTUS nominee … whose house was just vandalized by cowardly leftists.

When I heard this morning that they’d be announcing they had arrested people connected to Unite the Right, I was desperately hoping it was Antifa. Nope, it was more of our guys. The Justice Department which Trump is legally the head of wants to make it clear that White men who stand up for their rights and do battle with blood thirsty communist radicals are the enemy. Antifa have already been declared innocent by our congress and president with their shameful Charlottesville Declaration. Go ahead, try to defend Trump. “OH, HE’S NOT THE ONE DOING IT”. He’s the President of the United States! He has the power to shut Antifa down at any time. It would be extremely easy to have them jailed for terroristic threats and violation of Civil Rights but instead his Fed dogs are chasing down brave White men for trying to defend against aggressive Communist criminals in their place. Trump owes it to us to call off the Feds.

We helped him win in the primaries and thus the presidency, yet he ignores us. Why is it that the long dead race-mixing Jack Johnson gets an executive pardon but not James Fields or Jacob Goodwin? The Feds are setting the dangerous precedence that leftwing violence will be tolerated, and rightwing/White self-defense is to be brutally punished.

To make matters worse is the fact that to leftists this still isn’t enough (something Trump has yet to learn). Leftist publications are already whining that this arrest has come too late and that there must be more. I’m sure the arrest of the four RAM guys is an attempt by the Republicans to win over moderates and leftists, basically another scheme to virtue signal. I’d almost laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic. Leftists will never be satisfied until all of America looks like Godless California. The same California which just mandated that young children could get a “gender transition” without their parents’ consent. I’m not joking, I wish I was though. Liberalism is pure evil, folks. The Union with states like California under a corrupt anti-White federal government is a death pact. Sooner or later the radical democratic leftists will take back the presidency and congress. When they do they’ll render the entire nation to be remade in the image of California. The only way out of this is to push for Southern independence, unless you prefer being thrown in an Antifa ran gulag.

Update : I’ve recently found out more about RAM and the Federal suit against them. These guys were the same guys who battled with the communist filth in the streets of Berkeley back in early 2017. The suit actually focuses a great deal with fights with Antifa in their native state of California. Keep in mind that RAM are American Nationalists who openly support Trump. They even wore MAGA hats. Yet, the Trump controlled DOJ, yes he actually appointed the Main fed filing the suit, is attacking their own supporters. Trump is basically allowing the Feds to nail up His own supporters for merely protecting his rallies from hostile Reds! This is inexcusable! This shouldn’t even be a problem when you’re the literal President of the United States. This is the final straw for me personally. I was off the Trump train back in April of 2017 (when he bombed Syria) but this is the ultimate stab in the back.

Who knows what nationalists the DOJ has on their hit list, any of us could be next. At this point you could even expect Civic Nationalist ( like the Proud Boys) to be sued by our “God Emperor’s” own Justice Department. We need to support the RAM leaders as well as the POWs still behind bars in C-Ville.

Furthermore I suggest we launch a campaign to ruin the GOP’s chances for the Midterms, with the expectations of local and gubernatorial races and guys like Corey Stewart. Honestly the GOP are worthless scum. They have utterly failed us at every level. I mean this is what you’d expect from a Hillary victory. We are having our Freedom of Speech and freedom to peacefully assemble Be totally dismantled by a REPUBLICAN government. We don’t have our wall, we’re being deplatformed, mobbed by Antifa and still morons like Trump declare America has been made great! I really don’t think we’ll lose much. I’m Done with the blithering idiots.

Trump Administration would rather prosecute these guys than Antifa. Think about gown “Bike Lock Man” and the Inauguration Day rioters got off

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