In the dust of Brett Kavanaugh’s compelling testimony, the lying press had no real criticism to criticize Kavanaugh on so they what the do best and fabricate problems. Virtually every outlet of filth has come out with articles criticizing him for being angry at obviously fake rape allegations.

Our favorite “news” source, Vox, came out with an article claiming,

“In a remarkable 45-minute opening testimony, Brett Kavanaugh defended himself, not only against the allegations of sexual assault brought by Ford but also the entirety of his career. He lamented that he might no longer be able to teach law or coach his girls’ sports teams because of the allegations. He cited his hiring of women clerks. He invoked his 10 year-old daughter, who he said suggested the night before that their family pray for Ford.

But more than anything, Kavanaugh was mad. He began his statement nearly yelling and didn’t turn it down for the better part of an hour.”

Yes, that’s right folks, a man is mad that he has encountered potentially career-ending allegations! How crazy! Despite the fact that Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was obviously just an act as she pretended to cry while reading her opening testimony, only to laugh not but 20 seconds before and after reading it, Kavanaugh’s testimony was shocking. Despite the fact that Ford’s story has multiple inconsistencies, is not backed up by any of the witnesses, and the fact that she lied about beinf scared to fly as well as her location approaching the testimonies, the lying press continues its hitpiece on Kavanaugh. Mr. Kavanaugh and his family have gone through hell the past few weeks with his wife receiving death threats on top of the stress already accumulated from the nature of the situation. Kavanaugh had every right to be as mad as he wanted.

Unsurprisingly, Lindsey Graham was likewise attacked for being angry at obviously fake rape allegations. He called the Democrats out on their scandalous ways, a sin in modern America.

You see, a White man being angry is forbidden in the political sphere of our country. We are to hunker down and await the end as we grow older and older. To the Leftists, we have no right to be angry. We are to be pacifistic, spineless wimps who couldn’t raise their voices to save their lives.

Being angry at the degeneration of your country is forbidden. Being angry at slander against you and your people is forbidden. Being angry at socialist ideals creeping in on us is forbidden. Being angry at Anti-White, genocidal maniacs is forbidden. Being angry at constant immigration that will end your country is forbidden. But, only if you are White.

For Non-Whites, it’s encouraged to be angry at everything. Not enough welfare? Be angry! Whitey bad? Be angry! But if you’re a White man, you are to be an emasculated wimp.

We know that if Kavanaugh were a woman or Non-White, he would have no trouble getting that confirmation vote, no questions asked. But since he is, he gets multiple rape allegations and character assassination attempts thrown at him so that the Democrats can either get someone more progressive or postpone the vote until the Senate changes. This is a war on White men and they want to destroy one of the most vital things a man can have, the will to stand up for himself.

If you have that, you would be just as mad as Kavanaugh and Graham hell, I dare say you would be madder than hell.

The Left wants to destroy all forms of masculinity, no matter how small they may seem. They know that White men are the one demographic group that continually votes conservatively and the only group that stands a chance at stemming the tide of cultural genocide and immigration. That is why we aren’t allowed to be angry. We are to be good little boys, just another pet to the Democratic party, never ones to challenge authority.

For the love of God, don’t be, be angry, be very, very angry.


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