In modern times having online content is necessary for any movement to thrive. That’s  why  I am so impressed by Garden Of Dixie’s channel and video content. Today  he put up a new video on YouTube called “Southern Pluck”.  The video fully embraces the Southern identity through its proud Dixie aesthetics. I love how it shows the good ole days when Southerners were still in touch with their roots. I can personally say that I really enjoyed this video as well as his other many videos. This sort of content is necessary to awakening a sense of identity in young Southerners. They need to see the good times of Dixie instead of some bias anti-Southern documentary castigating their ancestors. This video gives us a glimpse of the past while giving us a hope for the future. You can really tell Garden of Dixie puts a lot of time, heart and effort into his content and for that he deserves some views and likes. I hope and know you guys will enjoy his channel. More importantly, I look forward to more high quality Dixie  content from Garden of Dixie. Pls Share and thanks to Garden of Dixie.


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