I really hate Mitch Landrieu, I really hate the guy. I won’t mince words; the guy is a traitor to the Southland. For those who don’t already know, Landrieu is the mayor responsible for the destruction and removal of the New Orleans confederate statues. This quisling has utterly surrendered his Southern birthright to the Black masses and screaming anti-White liberal fanatics. He’s well known for using his shameful demolition of the Southern monuments of Lee Circle as a tool to get elected.


I’d say he’s the prime example of why the original Dixiecrats were right, men like Governor Eugene Talmadge, for instance. These men warned of the threat of letting Blacks have full electoral powers. Make no mistake, Landrieu would be nothing without the votes of the ignorant White-hating Black masses who make up the majority of the Crescent City.

While there are plenty of White scalawags in the city, without Blacks, they’d be overrun by true Louisianans. The native upper class New Orleanians have only cucked after decades of outside pressure and Yankee transplants. Now the city has become a cesspool of sin and vice. It’s a rotten, smelly den of moral depravity. Take for instance the city’s X rated Whore conventions and wicked queer parades. You also have the problem of rampant alcoholism and drug addiction. Then of course you have the uncontrolled Black crime. Yet Mr. Landrieu saved the day by taking down those “racially insensitive” statues, thank goodness we no longer have effigies honoring men of valor and principle in a city of moral debauchery and hedonism.

True Louisiana


Maybe I’ve been too hard on New Orleans. So I guess I’ll point out an excellent example of how a New Orleans man should be. That man being David Duke; the city is actually the birthplace and home of former State Representative Mr. Duke, a true Southerner, a man of upstanding character and honor unlike the cowardly collaborator Landrieu. Dr. Duke has been around for years defending equal rights for White people, always in an honorable way, while being castigated by the press as a “hate mongering” monster. Duke has always carried himself as a respectful Southern gentleman while Landrieu takes pride in destroying memorials of long dead heroes. Who’s castigated by the GOP, Democrats, and media? Mr. Duke of course. The media might claim Mitch “The Bitch” Landrieu as their “Good Southerner” but David Duke is the true Louisiana man.

Louisiana was built and founded by and for men like David Duke and the besmirched General Beauregard (whose statue Mitch removed). New Orleans itself served as a cultural bedrock for the Trans-Mississippi and plantation Delta South. We must remember their native sons who went out in 1836 (New Orleans Grays) to liberate Texas and even fought to the last man at the Alamo and again in 1861 to fight for Southern independence. Don’t forget the legendary “Tiger Brigade” which were virtually the shock troops of the Confederacy. The same city was put under a brutal military occupation by the Union General Butler, yet even then you had brave Louisianans who wouldn’t bend their knee. We should never forget those times of hopelessness when our beloved Southland was put under the dirty heel of the Yankee’s perverted social experiment called “Reconstruction”. More importantly we should never forget when White Southerners stormed the streets of New Orleans in 1866 to stop the Reconstruction of their state by the carpet bagger and black delegates. The Southern people had their vengeance on that day. The state of Louisiana isn’t doomed. In fact, I think the removal of Lee Circle was a wake-up call to all true Louisianans that they must do something. Louisiana will be retaken. It will be restored to its former glory. True Louisianans must first come together and unite under the banner of Southern Nationalism and embrace their Southern Identity. Only then can Louisiana and New Orleans be Redeemed.

A Free Louisiana

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  1. Absolutely, i am sick of those radicals trying to remove our history and heritage for their ignorace to how we got to where we are. We don’t need these racial dividers. Leave our heritage alone. We had loved ones that died in that war. Back off.


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