Whenever you express your sympathy toward secession to a Northerner, they commonly exclaim, “The Civil War was 150 years ago! It’s over and we’re all Americans now!” Indeed, we are, unfortunately, all Americans.

But we should not forget what the North did to us. That war was the most important war Dixie has ever fought and it led to the exploitation of the South at the hands of carpetbaggers and Northern imperialists.

That entire argument is based on the lie that the war was fought over slavery which in itself is based on the lie that the North had no other choice than to invade the South. Yes, the Deep South may have left the Union over slavery, but the North could have let us go and there could have been no war. Instead, they decided to subjegate the South and violate their own belief to the right of popular sovereignty because they couldn’t bear to see us go.

We have a right to our own destiny and that is why we must remember the War of Northern Aggression as it was wrongly taken away from us. Furthermore, our cause back then was righteous because we were fighting to establish our own self-determination and really, have been ever since then. The North will never understand this. Time and time again, the South was attacked. We have been treated very poorly in the Union since we were forced back into it. First our lands were invaded by armies and then carpetbaggers. Then our right to freedom of association was taken away when segregation was made illegal. Now they are attacking who we are altogether, tearing down our statues, taking down our flags, moving foreigners into our lands, and threatening all sorts of evil acts like reparations and mandatory gerrymandering of our congressional districts.

The Yankees see us all as Americans now because they are indoctrinated as much as our children are, perhaps even worse (imagine that). They see Lincoln as the Great Emancipator and know next to nothing about the war apart from the typical narrative that evil White Southerners were fighting to keep their slaves.

Northern nationalists worship the Union. They are American Exceptionalists, believing our country is the greatest in the world at everything. That is why they think it insane to want to leave the Union. Indeed, as I talked to one Yankee about this very subject, he cried, “But when we’re united, we kick ass! There’s nothing in this world we can’t overcome!” Indeed, the Union does kick ass, but unfortunately it also kicks Southern ass, seen by the near complete destruction and invasion of the South on a societal level.

We would be insane to want to stay in such a hostile and hateful country, the same one that sees all as backwards rednecks. Just as it is said slavery is a wolf and we were holding it by the ears, the same can be said about the Union. That is why we must remember every time the Union has wronged us, from the moment it began to the moment we were forced back in to today’s 3rd phase of Reconstruction. Years and time do not heal wounds when the wounds are only made greater and harsher. This country has been waging a war on us since the early 19th Century and it won’t stop if we don’t get out of it and throw off the chains of our vassalization.

No, we will not forget the War of Northern Aggression and we will remember it until the day we are free again, and then some.


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