The 1950s nowadays are looked upon on as the Golden years of America. In a way they were and at the same time, they weren’t. But I’m here to tell you the story of the South in the 1950s. By the 1950s the South had risen from the destruction and ruin brought upon it by the Yankees during the War of Northern Aggression, the South had risen. Factories and industry had finally spread to the South. Southerners had rebuilt and had become a powerhouse. White Southerners were still in touch with their Southern identity. In fact, the 1950s brought a revival in confederate imagery. However, this can probably be contributed to the Supreme Court decision, Brown V Board of Education (1954), which struck down school segregation. Southerners were shocked and rightfully outraged when they heard the illegal decision. It was totally unexpected by many Southerners as they believed the court would side with them, and why not? The Supreme Court had previously acknowledged Segregation as legal with Plessy vs Ferguson (1896), which acknowledged segregation as long as it was separate but equal. So why would they change their mind on something which had already been decided on multiple times?

Well that was simple. The Brown case was rigged, as described before in the previous article. Liberal judges on the Supreme Court had firmly and illegally rigged the case in favor of the NAACP. The case was eventually decided when arch California Liberal judge, Earl Warren, was able to get everyone on the court to side with the NAACP. To add insult to injury they made sure to declare that Segregation violated the 14th amendment, an amendment unlawfully forced onto the South at gun point during the dark days of Federal Occupation (also known as Reconstruction). In fact, the whole case and situation was wrapped in various betrayals and shady backdoor deals, all of which were aimed at the South’s honor.

Warren himself had only got on the Court when supposedly “conservative” President Eisenhower had appointed him in 1953. He of course did it to appease liberals in his own party just like the quisling Truman. Speaking of Truman, Eisenhower really had him to thank for his Republican Victory in 1952. Truman had destroyed the Democratic Party with his constant power plays for Black and liberal support throughout his term. He had totally alienated and abused the Southern wing of the party during his two terms especially after his win in 1948 when he realized he could take the South for granted and get no repercussions other than a revolt in a few Southern states like Alabama and Mississippi. He even blew the South’s chance to get honorable Senator Richard Russell the Democratic nomination in 1952. Truman outright admitted that the party didn’t need a Southerner on the ticket as it would scare off his beloved anti-Southern Yankee liberals. So, at Truman’s behest, the Democrats instead picked the soft spoken and uncharismatic Yankee Adlai Stevenson. To no one’s real surprise, he was crushed by the popular WWII General Ike Eisenhower.

Because of Truman’s blatant numerous betrayals, many Southerners had actually jumped boat and voted Republican in 1952. Ironically it was mostly the Deep South states which had bolted in 1948 which remained loyal in 52’. Now Eisenhower was partially responsible for the insidious result of the SCOUTUS decision with his foolish decision to nominate an ardent left winger like Earl Warren to the court. Warren himself had actually played the South. He had originally played as a moderate while he was being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice by the senate, mostly out of fear of the still powerful Southern bloc. He was confirmed much to the regret of the Southern Senators who once again realized they had been stabbed in the back.

At this point you can really see that White Southerners had a very good reason to be outraged by the goings on in Washington. Nowadays we are told that the “evil” Southerners were just outraged out of “prejudice” of Blacks and how they really hated Blacks and just wanted to see them suffer at the hands of Jim Crow.

Let’s reexamine both of the claims before we discuss in detail how the South responded, so we can further understand the anger of the betrayed 1950s Southern man. First off, how was the South being prejudice to Blacks? Prejudice means pre-judging yet Southerners as a group had many run ins with the Black people, certainly more than the self-righteous Northern do-gooder. While Segregation had been in effect since the end of the Civil War, many White Southerners, especially men, had to deal with Blacks on a daily basis. Take the “infamous” staunch segregationist Governor Eugene Talmadge. While he had long past on by 1952, it’s important to note that his political machine and son (Herman) were still in control of Georgia at this time, a state known for its defiance of integration. Eugene, before rising to the governorship in 33’, had to work and even had Black field hands eat at his table every morning before working in the fields. So, he certainly wasn’t prejudging a group that he had regular interactions with.

Gene Talmadge checking up on Black

In fact, the Southern mind was hardened to Blacks out of experience with them. After the fall of Slavery Whites had to deal with Black vagabonds and drifters roaming the countryside. Furthermore, Blacks had become increasingly lazy and criminal during the time of Federal occupation and had refused to work unless given insane amounts of special privileges and pay. It became so bad that mass starvation and crop decay hit the South during reconstruction that occupying union forces would sometimes force Blacks to go back to working the crops so that both Whites and Blacks wouldn’t end up starving to death. Why talk about Reconstruction in an article about the end of Segregation? Well, because White Southerners decided Segregation and the system of Jim Crow was needed. Keep in mind this is all linked and without looking at the broader picture you can be tricked and end up misguided by the untruthful establishment-pushed anti-Southern narrative.

So, the South was having a horrible experience with Blacks after slavery and decided that segregation should be enforced in order to create a functioning, clearly defined society. The Brown V Board of Education decision threatened to undue all of this because of one decision made by 9 leftwing judges up in Washington D.C. which can be easily refuted by simple logic and constitutionality.

So now, let’s examine the claim that segregation was a malicious threat by White Southerners to harm blacks thus not giving them the equal part of “Separate But Equal”. Once again I’ll go back to Reconstruction to prove my point. One thing that is important to know is that many Southerners, after losing the war of Northern Aggression, would be obsessed with trying to follow the law with the best of their ability. Many misguided Southerners wanted to show themselves responsible and the equal of the rest of the country who saw Dixieland as a rebellious conquered province after the war. This in itself would become an Achilles Heel for the South as well as a strength in helping it build up itself in the post-war years. Southerners thus took the mandate of Plessy V Ferguson very serious. They wanted Segregation, yet they had no need for vengeance on Blacks after the Redemption of the South was accomplished in 1877. Southerners just wanted home rule and to keep Blacks out of their community as much as possible, so we could secure our own homogeneity and solidarity. We should remember that it was Southern Whites who would stand and clap for Booker T Washington at the Cotton Exposition Atlanta (1896), this was during the height of Jim Crow, by the same people set up segregation. This became known as the Atlanta Compromise. The White upper class agreed to support Black education and working if Blacks would agree to stay out of White society and politics and embrace Segregation in the pursuit for mutual progress. His speech was given applause by Whites. You see, Booker had proved himself as an honorable man to White Southerners. Booker had earned respect and was given it. Booker was even complemented by staunch Segregationist Theodore Bilbo in his book “Take Your Choice; Segregation or Mongrelization”. So White Southerners while enacting segregation also made sure Blacks had their own segregated communities. Moreover, as each decade passed more stuff was added for Blacks. Sure, they didn’t always get the same quality stuff as Whites, but that can mostly be contributed to lack of funding all around in a poor South and the fact Blacks payed less in taxes, thus getting poorer quality stuff. Blacks were also known to mismanage the money they did get just as they do now (especially in Africa with foreign aid). The lie that the South wasn’t abiding by Separate but equal is a proven fallacy.

Southern politicians during Jim Crow did their best to keep Black communities up to date and usually didn’t feel the need to virtue signal about it. Even Talmadge would call FDR to make sure Blacks in Georgia weren’t getting less benefits than the Blacks in the North, something that surprised the President. Southern Governors all across the South, even with what little money they had, tried to live up to the separate but equal commitment, building for Blacks their own pools, restrooms, and beaches. In fact, in Missouri, one of the run-up case against segregation in higher education saw Missouri offer to build an all Black university, but the NAACP wouldn’t have it. They had to invade White spaces. Many segregationists made life far easier for Blacks, while making them work for it and maintain the color line than some virtue signaling Yankee. I’m not trying to make some cucked argument that “duh Yankees were duh real racists,” but instead I’m merely explaining the flawed logic of leftist historians and the anti-Southern spoon-fed narrative. There is nothing wrong with White Southerners trying to preserve their own communities and blood. The opposite is actually the case.

Does this look unequal to you?

As stated before, the Southerners raged at the Brown V Board of Education decision and they would look for their political leaders to take action. Tensions had exploded all throughout Dixie. Dixie was under a major threat. Southern leaders would turn to the tactic of the Southern bloc that helped them stem off previous attempts by Northerners to interfere with the Southern ways of life. Yet they never before had a Supreme Court so blatantly attack the South as they did in 1954. Most of the Negrophilic attempts to usurp the South had been done in congress, not in the Supreme Court where Southerners no longer held power on the federal level. So once again, the call of States Rights was sung.

States Rights soon became the defense of many Southerners to Yankees, as they realized Negrophiles had no care for racial purity. They hoped to convince the nation that Dixie was right, yet there lay their flaw. The rest of the nation didn’t care for the South, especially with the Cold War and Korean War going down. Southerners would now have to face off the coming tide of liberalism with whatever means they could. For the next decade a tide of Black and blue and sometimes red would spill across the South before Dixians would dare let our communities be forfeited to outsiders. This time the Southern man would not only have to fight off the Yankee but also the mass media and the Communist threat. Hard Times had once again come to Dixie and the Brown V Board of Education Decision only marked the official start of the 2nd Reconstruction.

You didn’t see Whites crying over this


  1. The response to Brown, in North Carolina, has been the same in every other phases of our lives, when the possibility of conflict was imminent.

    We tuckt out tail ‘tween our legs and skedaddled.

    First we fled our publick schools, then we fled our cities and, indeed, many of our towns.

    Now, with aliens in their millions coming in to every part of Dixie, there is no more place to flee.

    So, we have elected President Trump and hope he will get us out of the possibility of having to stand up for ourselves.

    Time will tell – but, one thing is sure : our strategy is, as it has been, one or perpetual uninterrupted retreat.

    Can’t blame Jews or New England Yankees for that….


    1. You aren’t wrong. Sadly it was the upper and middle class that tuck their tails especially after the Civil Rights Bill of 64’ thus the fight was left upon the shoulder of the Lower Class Southerner. They weren’t able to pull it off alone, sadly.

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