For some, it must be shocking to hear someone claim that being Pro-life is Un-Christian. Yet, that is what Chelsea Clinton did. Mrs. Clinton is not only the daughter of a corrupt demagogue (Hillary) and a scandalous scalawag (Bill), she is a Yankee no less. Some would brush that off, but if you do you are ignoring the real reason she made such a bold and outrageous claim.

In the Antebellum period, when the slavery debate was at its height, Yankee abolitionists made the same claim about slavery even though thw Bible does not whatsoever claim that slavery is Un-Christian. In fact, the Bible recognizes it and leaves it be, much like the founding fathers wished we would have done.

But Yankees have an agenda to take over this country entirely so they did make an issue out of it. They antagonized the South and called us heretics. To anyone who has read the Bible, it would be extremely hard to insert God into the debate and say that either side was morally Un-Christian, much less the Pro-slavery one.

These claims came from the same people that birthed Mormonism and several “utopian” communites like Oneida, where “free-love” went on while still claiming to be Christian. To the Yankee, the Bible is not needed to claim something is unjustified.

They made this claim because they know that it is the one issue that can completely change a Southern Christian man’s opinion on the matter. If you show that God is against it, a Christian will go against his own will to follow God’s. So, the Yankee will pluck and pry at Christianity to get their way. This does not require the one doing the plucking and prying to actually be Christian, just a subversive demagogue, like Mrs. Clinton (either one).

This is why Chelsea Clinton has resorted to this claim. The left and the Yankees have been unable to move the right from this topic in any meaningful way and so it is still a hot topic, ready to be rolled back with an overturn of Roe V Wade. They know their job on this issue is unfinished, so they will continue pushing and pushing until we pose no threat to it. I doubt Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation will lead to another decision on abortion, but it could and the Yankees and their demented spawns are foaming at the mouth knowing this is even a possibility.

So they will try one of the most deceptive tactics they know, appealing to the Christian moral system, even if their appeals are in bad faith. I won’t bother going into why being Pro-life is Christian, I’ll let my other article do that. Instead, I must simply point out the neverending Yankee self-righteousness and desire to always be “progressing” toward something. Their objective is to drive all of America directly into the ground of drive Yankeedom to all of America.

Chelsea Clinton is just like her mother and her mother’s ancestors, deceptive, lying scum. They are not Christian and have no interest in Christianity. Their only interests are in what benefits them and only them.


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