Georgia is looking down two roads. One road is the road of negro (Black) domination and the other road leads to Southern independence. I’m sure this sounds dramatic, but the two choices are quite clear. Brian Kemp must be elected Governor of Georgia. Kemp has been campaigning on the back roads and shaking hands with rural Georgians while Stacey Abrams is out in San Francisco, the modern Sodom & Gomorrah, trying to win over wealthy Californian’s money. This alone should tell you who to vote for.

Kemp is the White man’s choice while Abrams is the Black’s choice. It really is that simple. I’ve recently seen Abrams signs appearing in my local area, of course only where Blacks live. Whereas I’ve seen Kemp signs appearing all over my county since the original primary back in June. Kemp has done an excellent job campaigning so far with his Georgia First message and his catering to White Southern ruralites. Abrams, when actually campaigning in Georgia, has been traveling the Black Belt trying to drum up black voter turnout. She knows her trump card is her skin color. She knows her only true way to victory is to electrify the black vote and maybe have a few dead voters return from the grave to vote for Miss Gap Tooth. She herself has made statements reminding democrats that the “Clinton days” are over, referring to Bill Clinton being a native Southerner albeit a shameful scalawag, thus the Democratic party must totally forget and “give it to Whitey”. She isn’t wrong though. The Democratic Party is no longer the place for the White man and even White women, voting Democrat is racial treason. Exception being if you think voting Democrat will collapse the system, so you vote democrat to speed things up a bit. I’m not even saying that voting Republican will save the day necessarily as they too are mostly weak knee traitors. But as far as this race we cannot afford to let Abrams win. Her victory will mean the dishonor of Georgia and the 3rd Reconstruction of Georgia. Make no mistake, she’ll turn Georgia into the next California, something Kemp has boldly pointed out. She will unleash a flood of illegals and probably even semi-barbaric Muslim “migrants” into our state. She will crack down on so called “racists”, meaning any White Southerners unwilling to surrender their honor and birth right on the altar of Cultural Marxism. She will enact all the ludicrous and God-hating mandates that California has done. She will most likely take moves to get rid of the laws protecting Confederate Monuments in Georgia. She will remove Stone Mountain. Mark my words, she won’t be stopped from removing the Mountain, nothing short of a Willington, 1896 style, will make “Gubnuer Abrims” cease her demolition of the Mountain. Democrats are in no mood for reconciliation unless it’s a codeword for submission. The controlled lying media will make sure to support her in her efforts to crush Georgia’s Southern Identity. They’ll make sure to let their foot soldiers in black, Antifa, run rough shot throughout our state. The leftwing radicals will pledge and create anarchy all throughout Georgia. If we then dare to try to stop them, the DOJ will make sure to crucify us, remember the C-Ville POWs. If you don’t believe me, just look to Virginia. Democrats have taken power there and have done everything in their power to crush White patriots. Virginia Senator Tim “Creeper” Kaine, who’s a carpet bagger, is one of the ones responsible for the RAM guys arrest in fact. You can guarantee, under Abrams, even the cops won’t be able to stop these godless vandals. She’ll make sure to tie their hands with bureaucratic red tape. Chaos will rule the day of an Abrams Georgia. As the old song goes, Hell will Brake Lose in Georgia.


What Abram’s Georgia looks like

My second dramatic declaration in the beginning of this article was alluding to the fact that electing Kemp will lead us down the road towards Southern Independence. While I don’t believe Kemp is necessarily a Fire-Eating secessionist, I do believe he is a step in the right direction. His courageous calls ,on the night of his victory against neo con Cagle, that outsiders were trying to influence Georgia’s election drew me to his campaign. I’m so happy that he didn’t just refer to them with the blanket statement of liberals but instead called out the New Yorkers [Wealthy Jews], Californians [enough said] and Massachusetts yankees. This alone will awaken the identity of many Georgians who have for far too long consider those foreigners as simply “fellow American’s”. Kemp’s victory will shutdown the immediate threat of negro-liberal rule and perhaps open the door for future Southern Nationalist candidates. His campaign slogan tells it all, “Georgia First”. Vote Kemp. Let’s defend Georgia.

Vote Kemp for the Future of Georgia

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  1. The choice is remarkably simple – a vote for Kemp is a vote for Georgia and Georgians, and a vote for Abrams is a vote to advance the destruction of it and them.


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