North Carolina’s congressional midterms and the party makeup of its representatives could be disrupted in November as in District 13 a native Carolinian battles a Jewish carpetbagger.

Ted Budd, the native Carolinian, stands for many conservative policies. His goals? Build the wall, protect gun rights, and defeat political insiders. He is running on a North Carolina first platform, meaning he puts off and detests Yankee influence.

That influence has come to District 13, the district encompassing Greensboro and Winston-Salem. It has come in the form of Kathy Manning, an Ivy League carpetbagger, backed heavily by Jewish lobbyists, looking to strip away the district from Republicans to impose her typical leftists policies. Those policies are unsurprising; pro-gun control, pro-amnesty, and pro-progressivism.

Mr. Budd’s basic motivations appeal greatly to some of our movement’s basic goals. His low tax stance helps bring up the fertility rate as families feel more comfortable raising a family. Likewise, his 100 percent pro-life stance would also substantially raise the fertility rate and his resistance to gay marriage helps fight one aspect of the degeneracy that has infected our culture. His resistance to common core would also help to stop the indoctrination our youth are bombarded with.

Contrast that with Manning’s policies which claim to be the same when it comes to family issues, however, as mentioned before, Manning’s definition of family seems to be limited to the elderly and minorities and does not extend to the unborn or the White natives of North Carolina. This can be seen as she virtue signals to Blacks and advocates for increased funding of historically Black schools. Her virtue signaling goes further than that of course, as she believes in the wage gap and seeks to “empower women.”

Again, unsurprisingly, only 45% of Manning’s political backers are from North Carolina and most of them are probably from Yankee transplants in Durham and Raleigh. She claims to be pro-family but really is just pro-medicare and extremely heavy on her healthcare stance as Democrats usually are.

The race is close, but not that close. Budd has recieved half a million dollars less but thanks to Republican competence and Democrat incompetence, he has made the most of it and is stil six points ahead at 47 percent to Manning’s 41 percent. I’ll admit, Ted Budd is not the prime candidate we could have for a representative, but he is much better than his alternative who is nothing but a liberal progressive, concerned with all the wrong things and disinterested in the right things.

While Manning pledges her loyalty to foreigners, and that’s what they (Yankees) are, Budd has pledged his allegiance to the native Carolinians and the working man. While Manning pledges her allegiance to healthcare reform, Budd pledges his to meaningful, conservative, immigration reform. Manning can claim she isn’t a political insider, but her donations to leftist politicians and lobbyist background disagrees with such a claim. If she wins, we can expect her to go all out, gaining as many endorsements as possible and joining the Democrat army. She mught say she’s for our veterans, job opportunity, or families, but all evidence suggests the opposite as she seeks to crush those very things with heavy taxes and regulations, not to mention crushing the ability to resist with her anti-gun agenda.

Furthermore, her “pathway for dreamers” policy is destructive to America. What we need is congressmen that will pass immigration reform and work to strengthen border security. That is what Ted Budd stands for. Get him elected.


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  1. Amazingly, we Southern Patriots in North Carolina recovered legislative control of our state in 2010 and we have not lookt back since.

    That said, it is a constant brushfire, and so it will remain until a law is passt that refuses to hand those who come to our state who , if they cannot prove that they spent at least 3.4 of their childhood in a Southern State, they will be disqualified from being able to vote until 20 years has passt.

    The notion that states can maintain their sovereign integrity, when those who know little or nothing about our culture, have no connection to it beyond a new physical address in it, and who do not have our blood, is ludicrous, to say the least.

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