In the South there has always been a long tradition of honoring and protecting our women. We hold them in high regard and one could even say on a pedestal. Pre-1960 the Southern people had strung up many rapists, most of which were no doubt guilty, much to the Yankee’s horror. Yet, when the South honored women those women were virtuous ladies. Were they perfect? No, but they had moral codes, decency and self-respect.

Now in the modern Southland and America women have become purely objects of lust instead of affection. Men are ultimately accountable for their lust, but women aren’t helping as they have fully embraced heathenism and various strains of feminism as a group. The average modernist American female (of any race) is an egotistical vane vapid whore. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Most twenty-year-olds and female teens meet this exact description. Yes, obviously not all, but these harlots make up a sizable majority of the youth. These girls are also very aggressive and competitive while at the same time they feel the urge to be dominated. This explains why so many of them end up in relationships with worthless scumbags. The modern state of woman hood isn’t natural though.

These young women have been designed and taught this way by the government schools and media. That brings me to the so called “Me Too” movement. The ME TOO Movement is the end result of a rotten society that doesn’t know how to control or take care of its women. It is the result of allowing way too much leeway to harlots and not enforcing any sort of rules of conduct for women. The Me Too Movement is built off lies of attention seeking whores. It’s about loose covetous women trying to take power from powerful men. The lying Anti-Christian media knows it. They are the ones giving legitimacy and applause to these dishonest gossip birds who seek attention and drama. The same media who constantly hides the Black on White rape reports while also claiming every woman “must be believed”.

The Me Too Movement must be crushed. It is a threat to every man, ironically even powerful wealthy Jew media bosses occasionally. The movement, while propped up by liberal males and soy boys, they too are also falling victim to their own dangerous creation. Make no mistake, the end purpose of the Me-Too Movement is to put wicked feminist hags on top of men. It is another toxin of that godless liberalism that has infected our country. It is meant to further drive a wedge between men and women. It has and will cause chaos and confusion. The Movement, in an alliance with the liberal media ruined the heroic Judge Roy Moore’s chances to become a US Senator in 2017. Since then the Me Too Movement has been weaponized by the leftist scourge and their media. Yet the whole Me-Too Movement Is nothing unless men give into these lies for the sake of virtue signally, whether to impress females or for political gain. In Moore’s case he was only defeated because limp wristed gutless upper-class White men decided to stay home on election night. While there was some class difference and egotism that played to Moore’s defeat it was ultimately the false accusations that sunk his chances to become US Senator.

It was the soft yet powerful (only in wealth) White men that let Moore lose. Ironically these are the men who are most at risk by the Me-Too Movement. These men have the most to lose and the harlot accusers have more to gain. The bottom line is, that ideology of feminism must be destroyed. We also better look to pass laws that will severely punish women for false accusations. I’d say 15 years of prison if they wrongly claimed a man raped them. Why not? They can ruin a man’s entire life and career with their lies. They can get that man killed in certain situations by some pitiful “White Knight” (not referring to the Klan) looking to fulfill his dad lust and be deemed “the righteous one.” Any man who has been accused of sexual assault will always have a target on his back. The women making these false claims are, frankly, cold-blooded monsters.


This isn’t normal

In a Free Dixie we will never tolerate this insanity. Women Won’t be allowed to act out like harlots and parade in the streets naked while screaming that looking in their general direction is rape. Women will no longer be incentivized to remain single or to divorce their husbands. Furthermore, in a Free Dixie motherhood will be seen as a great duty for women instead of being frowned upon as “unfashionable”. Women will benefit and so will society instead of both being hurt by the poison called feminism. Some might say this Is fascism or Nazism, but I don’t really care what they think. I’m sick of Yankee/Judeo legalisms stopping us from having a healthy society. In a Free Dixie we will strike out the lying mass media. They will no longer be able to corrupt our women with their blatant lies. Hierarchy and Godly principles will be put above the libertine values of hyper-individualism. Feminism was only able to thrive because of Yankees and Jews. Both spread the lie that women and men are equal and that there should be no difference in roles between the two. Jews using their money and mass media and Yankees using the federal government were able to destroy the social fabric of America, by targeting the family. In a Free Dixie we will no longer pretend to ignore differences in gender just to play along with the false concept of equality. If you try to subvert a Free South, you’ll be punished. Without the hostile media influence and indoctrination and without government incentivizations feminism will quickly die off. Feminism, like I stated before, isn’t natural. Thus, once you remove the unnatural causes it won’t be able to thrive. The Southern people are realist and doers, unlike the Yankee we can solve our social problems. If we had a Free Dixie, we would bring back the Southern Belle. True womanly beauty would return as it existed before the 2nd Reconstruction (AKA Civil Rights Movement). In the end of the day both women and men would benefit from the death of the toxic ideology called feminism.

Note that Feminism either turns women into either loose “thots” or cat ladies, usually depends on their  looks
This rubbish shouldn’t be tolerated
Southerners understand women can be beautiful while still maintaining decency and modesty

Expect more on this topic


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