The race is heating up in North Carolina’s 9th district as former U.S. Marine Dan McCready (D) runs against Pastor Mark Harris (R). The race just recently got more interesting with a debate between the two candidates on October 10.

The candidates aren’t radically on every issue different, but they are different in major ways. As always, you can expect the Democrat, in this case McCready, to virtue signal to minorities. McCready has voiced his concern for federal recognition of the Lumbee tribe in his district, probably only as a way to ensure their vote, but he did it anyway. McCready’s biggest virtue signaling however has come in his remarks that he is a former marine. In the debate, McCready shot this statement at Mark Harris after he claimed he was really running against Nancy Pelosi, saying that Harris was really running against a marine.

This seems to really just be a tactic McCready is using to get elected as he flaunts it around everywhere he goes. On his issues page on his website, he automatically compares America to his platoon. In contrast, Harris doesn’t brag about who he is, only in what he stands for. McCready however, does exactly that which can only hint that he is a narcissist. He truly is trying to gain the veteran vote based solely on the fact that he is one.

He’s also trying to gain the Christian vote, flaunting his story of baptism as evidence that he is indeed a Christian. He says this as he runs against a preacher and virtue signals to gays in response to Harris’ anti-homosexual attitude. It doesn’t end there though, he just had to condemn the Charlottesville rally and call the town Southern. Southern, as it nearly removes statues of Southern heroes and cracks down on Southern patriots like a gulag.

McCready also supports DACA “dreamers” and the invaders at our southern border as their children are temporarily separated. McCready undeniably will oppose the wall even if he doesn’t state it. Another position he hasn’t answered was if he would help Democrats impeach Trump should they win the House. His answer was that he doesn’t answer hypotheticals but it’s important to note that his policies seem to indicate he would.

While McCready shows his scalawag ways, Harris shows his Christian, socially conservative ways, supporting the wall, going against same-sex marriage, and supporting gun rights, another area McCready has placed his flag of scalawagery in.

McCready paints himself as a hero for America, acting as if his answering of the call to arms against a nation that posed no threat to us was honorable. However, he takes it a step further. He wants to paint himself as the knight in shining armor for minorities, especially homosexuals and the Lumbee.

Despite all this being clearly laid out on their websites with a little background on their history and just a snippet of the debate, the Charlotte Observer concluded that the debate answered nothing and that voters will go to the polls voting based on whether the candidate has an (R) or (D) beside his name

But the truth has been laid out clear and when voters go to the polls in the 9th District, they can know who they are voting for. A Carolinian scalawag who constantly basks in popular approval, or a Christian man standing for what is right.


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