Despite our successes in the West, it’s still pretty easy to give up. Our movement relies heavily on changing the hearts and minds of our peers, so when they reiterate the indoctrination we have all heard for so many years, it’s hard not to become disheartened. We may have won and gained in many countries and elections but sometimes it feels like it could all just be useless, but it’s not.

The Culture War is a war of attrition and the nihilistic “black pill” is what the left wants you to take. They want you to give up and forfeit the fight. We can’t afford to do this though. The stakes are too high and the collapse of everything we love and cherish will come if we don’t stop it.

You see, we are fighting, not for a more moral society, but one where our people can be safe and can be revived. We are fighting for our survival against the hordes of other groups that only seek to take our land and force us away. We can’t afford to give up on this fight because our very futures depend on it.

Whites will be a minority by 2060 in America, 2045 by some estimates. History paints a clear picture for us about what happens when one group loses power after a long reign of it over another group. Massacres, death, rape, all those horrible acts will become commonplace. It happened in Italy with the Germanic tribes under the fall of Rome, with the Whites in Haiti, South Africa, the Ivory Coast, Rhodesia, and with the Russian aristocracy. The fact that America was once a White country guarantees that should we ever become a minority, we will be expelled and dealt with.

So no, we cannot afford to give up. Neither can we afford to rush ahead in the politcal game or we will become like the left, deranged and delusional. The left is our best weapon because of their illogical political attacks on anyone right of center-left. Their attacks border and often are slander. When the common man sees this he does not think it’s rational behavior, he thinks the opposite and he gravitates to our side. In that way, the left is our biggest redpill, but on the same token, we should not ever become like them. We must keep using arguments that favor us and never fall into baseless accusations like they do.

While we can not afford to jump ahead in the political game, we can also not afford to fall behind. We require a staunch realism to our movement and politics. We can’t go about flaunting all our deepest desires from the get-go, we have to slowly edge our way into being able to do that. This is hard to maintain and often the cynicism our movement honestly relies on can lead us down darker paths such as depression.

But we have to trudge on in the hopes of better days. We might feel the urge to withdraw from it all, cut our losses, and simply sit back for the ride, but doing that only gives the left what they want. Remember, they want us gone. That is why it is in every man’s interest to be involved in politics every waking day of his life even if he wishes not to be. We don’t have much of a choice.

Still, there is the common sentiment that is uttered, “I have faith our people will find their way,” used in a way to excuse such withdrawal from the political sphere. You could be forgiven for believing that, after all, people groups don’t just give up their land without a fight. However, times are changing and the modern indoctrination system that is “education” could prove all that wrong. Furthermore, if we do all wake up with no driving force, chances are it will all be too late. This movement isn’t going to drive itself.

But there is reason to be optimistic, although you should not get carried away in said optimism. We have made gains across the West. Governments in America, Austria, and Italy have been completely reversed and we have made gains toward the same goal in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Britain, and Sweden. There is room for hope and plenty of it. Our movement continues to grow, but we have a lot of work to do and now is a critical moment for it; we need the help of everyone we can get to get our momentum going.

If you give up now when our movement has so much potential and room for growth, then it is you that is killing it, not the left or our suppressive regimes. Retiring from the political game is forfeiting your birthright, your future, and your children’s future. Don’t black pill.


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  1. Yes, we have a lot of work to do.

    That said, the circumstances have boldly changed from being totally against us, just several years ago, to being mildly favourable for our opponents, or, perhaps, even less so.

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