Gay Pride Parades, Playboy Magazine, pregnant children, these are all the fruits of Yankeedom. A sick, degenerate trend in Northern Culture that, as always, has roots in the International Clique. A powerful temptation nonetheless that will infect even Dixie as it has already begun to.

One must have been living under a 3 ton boulder last year not to have seen the revolting videos of “Lactacia” the crossdressing nine year old. He would dance and dress provocatively in front of full grown (homosexual) men at gay pride parades and talk about how “empowered” he felt. All the while “his” Anti-Fascist mother and father encouraged him

Is that the future you want for your children? One day it may not be your choice! If the Judeo-Yankee disease spreads that is. We at Southern Revivalism present, the other option.

With more childbirths happening outside of wedlock in both White and Black communities, sex is becoming less sacred and noble by the day. Women are too easy, men are too weak, women are less loyal, men are less honorable.

Free high speed Porn has rendered an entire generation of young men useless. It has lowered their Testosterone and softened their minds to struggle; that which our race is not only known for but craves!

All this harkens back to the days of the Oneida community. Where old men would engage in sexual relations with young girls to “introduce them” to sex. Older women would do the same “for” young boys.

Free Love was trumpeted as natural and all consenting members of the Community were encouraged to have sexual relations with everyone else, all under the guise of Yankee spirituality. Marriage didn’t matter, intention of Marriage didn’t matter, and child bearing certainly did not matter.

This sounds awfully familiar to anyone who even slightly pays attention to modern trends. This is not new and the Yankee progressive has been carving the way for almost two centuries. They have a friend now though. As Judeo-Yankee influence continues to be exerted over the South, more and more of this will be introduced. So we ask you, dear reader,

“Which way Southern Man?”


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