Bravery is something in low supply nowadays. It never has been something in surplus, with the exception of when times get really hard. The modern society of the West, especially America, is superb at breeding the opposite of brave men, cowards. The easiest way to see this is to look at a societies youth and how they’re raised.

America’s corrupt school system and the media are the top breeders of cowards. For starters, we should discuss how schools have become total dens of ninnies and degenerates. The Public School system lets youths run wild and create chaos but there is one thing they will not tolerate, unless you’re a minority, that is fighting. If little Billy decides to stand up for himself and defend his honor, he will be booted out of school while degenerates are repeatedly given extra chances. The School system is basically punishing self-defense and thus teaching young boys to submit and tattle.

Just thirty years ago you would have just got perhaps kicked out for a day or two yet now you’ll risk expulsion for merely defending one’s honor. This injustice has caused an increase in a lack of responsibility in young males who now think they can say whatever they please to one another knowing that the one they’re aiming it at cannot fight back. Thus, this allows for a more brutal system of verbal bullying as you can now have young males practically targeted who can fight back and win but are forced not to by the nanny statist authority.

This is all done on purpose by the government. They are trying to breed weakness. They want students to rely on them and the authorities instead of dealing with problems themselves. Furthermore, they benefit from a more subservient class of “beta-males” who will never dare rebel to any of their tyrannical rulings. They teach our White male youth to submit instead of fighting. The media purposely feeds this need to fight and the natural male urge for violence by giving them the thug culture. Like always, they pervert natural inclinations, just as they do with sex.

The media tells young Whites that to be cool they must act like a Black rapper. They tempt them with the lure of false riches and loose women. All this so they’ll surrender their birthright and honor and bow their knee to Satan and his fleshly allures. It certainly has been working. Many good White boys have been turned to whoremongering, sports adultery, drugs, and alcoholism in an ill-fated effort to find the masculinity that has been denied them. This is the primary reason the mass media must be chained so to speak. They are enemies of everything good, Christian, and White.

I think the best example of my theory being proven is the school shooting problem which plagues America. What is the main cause and persons to blame with the school shootings? Why do they keep happening? I’ll tell you why. This is all a result of natural male aggression being repressed by the feminine nanny state schools. You have young males in schools, where they are surrounded by rainbows and butter flies, and under the guidance of woman teachers while they get antagonized by their fellow students. Add on top of that their useless fathers who abandon them in searcg for same degenerate desires and you get a recipe for what we have now.

Now fifty years ago, these aggressive and annoyed boys would have just ended up in a school brawl and that would be all they needed to settle their blood thirst. Back in my grandpa’s day, you’d be forced to put on the boxing gloves and fight it out in the gym ring while a coach watches. This is how you settle feuds between young men. Now they are forced to refrain and hold in their anger and let reprobates besmirch their honor and reputation. This can only increase tension and anger which will either break the boy, thus turning him into a submissive coward, or turn them into a violent troublemaker or even turn them into the next school shooter. Thanks to the feminine school systems you’re more likely to face immediate expulsion or even arrest and imprisonment for having a school yard brawl than you are for selling drugs or sexual perversion. This is why you didn’t have little Bobby shooting his school up in the 40s and 50s despite firearms being more accessible. Back then you had a society that respected and mostly endorsed masculinity. Fathers didn’t leave their children and if they did there was almost always a substitute the boy could find somewhere, but not today. Today the youth only really encounter female teachers until college. If the boy isn’t athletic and since his family is probably broken more than just his fatherly absence, the masculine figure in his life is hard to come by. This can only lead down a dark path, depression at the least, with suicide and murder at the worst.

Now you have a society that completely demonizes masculinity as “toxic”. This is only usually enforced on young Whites and is probably the reason you don’t see more Black school shooters despite them having high rates of fatherlessness, unless its over a drug deal gone wrong or gang warfare. Funnily enough the ones enacting these sissie regulations are the ones who cry and whine the most about the danger of school shootings and how we need more safety and crack downs against any male who seems “dangerous”.

The result of a society raising cowards is that that society will eventually be conquered by a stronger one; whether it be an external or internal force, the status quo cannot stand. We can’t seriously expect a society who teaches their young boys to gossip and whine like school girls to take on a society that breeds their young males to be warriors.

Anytime I hear people talking about war with Russia and China, I laugh. America can barely handle or stop what amounts to backwater sand people. It takes America years just to deal with Third World insurgencies despite having the edge in fire power and technology. The last thing America should do is try to fight an ultra-nationalist hard-ass superpower country like China or Russia. This isn’t the America of the 1940s when the average youth was out working a paper route trying to help his parents scrape through a global depression.

Nowadays boys are playing Minecraft or sitting around texting their buddies about how much they’ve given to chase a worthless slut. We need to toughen our Youth and do away with these sissy limp wristed rules made by women school boards. We need to do away with these feminine philosophies and legalisms and replace them with honor codes. On this issue I believe a good chunk of the Southern public would easily agree with us, the problem is we’ve never had anyone run on these ideas openly out of fear of the Public-school establishment.

Most school boards are ran by elderly women and transplants or domesticated old men who have long lost any ounce of testosterone they formerly had. They only care about meaningless performance standards, not the health of the children. So perhaps the idea by many Christians to just disband the whole Public School System as a whole might be something worth considering. That’s a discussion for another time though. For now, we don’t hold any power to directly affect the inept school system, so we’ll have to start with home schooling if we hope to protect our youth. We need to stop rewarding cowardice and we need to embrace the traditional way of settling disputes without having to run to the authorities like some gutless tattle-tale. I say, let the Southern Boys fight; far more harmful repercussions happen when you don’t.


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