Well here we are again folks, more invaders. Damn, didn’t we have this same problem a few months back? Once again, another caravan of Third World Bottom feeders are making their way to America. They’ve just broken down the barriers in Mexico. What will Trump do? Will he let them enter, like last time, so we can have months of processing them due to some legalism put in place by some judge? He has threatened to close the border but the liklihood of him actually doing is is low. Keep in mind that whole “muh [invader] children in cages” fiasco only happened because President Trump was unable to stop much of the previous caravan from entering. Sure, many are still in custody, but they’re being detained, fed, and housed on tax-payer money. Your money.

Meanwhile Southerners in North Carolina and the Florida Panhandle are still suffering in agony from the previous horrendous hurricanes. The media doesn’t care though. Those people aren’t on their priority list like the “poor foreign children”. Most liberals rejoice at the sight of hurricanes smashing into Dixie. Antifa sure seemed angry about the League of the South trying to help locals in the Pan Handle who were affected by the hurricane. They’d rather have hundreds of Southerners drowned like rats than see them helped by fellow Southerner patriots.

League-men helping hurricane victims

Someone had to do it. The Feds have done a terrible job dealing with the flood, despite Trump’s claims. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Trump likes people suffering from the flood, but the feds are bungling buffoons. The government has never been efficient with its money. If the League were given more resources and manpower I have no doubt they could do a far better job dealing and helping the distressed citizens of the Florida Panhandle than the government. Just like I know they could deal with the Squat-A-Durans trying to invade us.

Make no mistake, this is a caravan of invaders. They come with extremist left wing Marxist ideas and they think that they actually have the right to come here. Wonder who gave them that idea. “Oh, Trump must take us!” They say boldly and loudly, knowing our corrupt lying media will back them up. They know how pathetic our immigration regulations are due to leftist quislings watering it down. This whole situation really doesn’t surprise me at all. I expect as much from the feds. This is what happens when you’re in a union with liberal bleeding-heart Yankees and let cosmopolitan outsiders subvert your media. Like I have stated before, if you want secure Southern borders, you’ll need a Free Dixie. Otherwise you’re just stalling the enviable.

The sort of President that would actually support our borders no matter what.

*Please Contact the League if your interested in helping with their efforts to aide Southerners who’ve been effected by the hurricane. Info is on their site.


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