The Democrats have pitched a fit over North Carolina’s congressional district map recently. Claims of racial gerrymandering surfaced as the midterms approached and whether or not the map could be used or would have to be changed was debated. Thankfully, the situation has been dealt with and it was determined that changing the map just a few months before elections wasn’t allowed. It will come up after the midterms though, no doubt about it.

This is just another subversive Democrat tactic though. One look at the current map and the previous map, a map made without the Reepublican supermajority in the North Carolina legislature.

When we look at the two maps, one has to wonder, which is more of a gerrymandered map. Is it the one where districts snake along highways and into major cities, or is it the one where Black voters, who vote overwhelmingly blue, are concentrated in a few districts and dispersed in others. I think the answer is clear.

The acceptable former map

The current racist, gerrymandering nightmare

There is no excuse for snaking districts, absolutely none, and the intent is clear. That is gerrymandering no matter who does it. Of course, gerrymandering is unavoidable as humans are always biased and we put that bias into everything if only a little. There is no objectivity in politics.

Furthermore, the congressional districts are to be decided by the state legislatures; logically that would mean they have the right gerrymander as they see fit, for better or worse, so long as it’s not outrageously illogical. When we look at other state’s districts, we notice that scarcely any can be accused of remaining objective and not gerrymandering. The race side of this issue is only put in there as a ploy against Republicans as an emotional appeal because it gives the Democrats an advantage. We could easily claim racial gerrymandering anywhere Blacks exist because of how they vote about 90% for Democrats.

Gerrymandering will always exist for the reasons stated previously. There are of course certain district lines that make little sense from an objective standpoint, particularly district 12 on North Carolina’s old district map.

This issue was just another dirty tactic by the Democrats to aid in their retaking of the House. Having to redraw the districts would have meant that elections would have to be pushed back in North Carolina which would have resulted in no representation for the state for months after January. The Republicans are sure to lose at least a few seats this go around and losing 10 representatives would have almost ensured that the 119th congress would be Democrat and they would have an advantage initially. They’ll most likely bring this issue up again. Maybe not right away, but when they need a boost it will come back. When they need to dethrone the clklloonservative representatives of a Southern state, they will push this nonsense. When they need to push the third reconstruction a little bit further, they will appeal to the emotions of the masses and conjure up some accusations of racism, sexism, gerrymandering, or gentrification to push their agenda. We’ve seen this continously since the 2016 election with the russian collusion witch hunt, Trump’s taxes, Roy Moore, Kavanaugh’s nomination, ICE, and many others.

The Democrats do not care about fairness, objectivity, or about their own hypocrisy. They care only about winning and pushing this country further down the hole. Their claims of racist gerrymandering in North Carolina is not based out of truth or a desire to end racism, it is based out of a sinister aim of subversion. They do not have our interests in mind, only those of minorities and the elite establishment.


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  1. Our legislature ‘gerrymanders’ our state districts in response to the uncheckt invasion of our state by aliens.

    If this were not done, we would be destroyed, just as has been Virginia.

    The new change will just be another ‘gerrymandering’ this because our districts are our business, and none other.


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