Ah diversity, a product of a globalized world and suicidal civilization so great that it has to be forced at gunpoint. People always claim it is a strength but typically people welcome strengths and advantages; they don’t resist them.

Okay, so maybe we are just ignorant and don’t understand the benefits our modern society has bestowed upon us. So what are the “benefits?”

The only response you can get from a leftist on the benefits is that new people bring new ideas and food. Yes, new ideas as in the noble ideas of suppressing all forms of freedom and promoting barbaric violence like MS-13.

Nevermind that; the leftists insist these new ideas come in the form of innovation. Funny, not like the West has had plenty of innovation since the beginnings of the Roman Empire, constantly creating new inventions, ideologies, and governmental systems. Forget that too. The idea is that innovation actually increases because people from different backgrounds are present.

However, diversity has been correlated with a decrease in social trust, decrease in charity, and lower social cohesion. For the left, this makes no sense; for us on the right however, it makes perfect sense. We all have an in-group preference so we naturally are more loyal to our group. It’s also extremely hard to relate to people when you can’t even understand the words coming out of their mouth like happens in many offices today as they become more and more diverse and White natives are left unable to communicate with the neverending waves of Asian and Indian immigrants at the higher end of the career spectrum and Hispanics at the lower end.

If it is new ideas and innovation that leftists want then the logical place to start wouldn’t be in immigration, it would be to stop the firing of rightwingers in academia and the allowance of the views of Christian scientists to become mainstream even if they aren’t right (they might just be). The left’s search for innovation should never lead them to immigration, looking at Indians who hardly speak English. Their search should be directed at the right and how to allow us to at the very least speak our minds without the fear of losing our jobs. Of course, there is an agenda here and so the search is always in the wrong place.

Our differences do not make us stronger; if anything they make us weaker. Whites are left disenfranchised and alienated due to diversity yet some of us still call for it (Yankees are particularly bad at this). It’s no wonder the South resisted the end of segregation for over a decade after the attacks began. Whites perform lower in diverse schools and are happier in homogenous societies, just like Blacks. Nevertheless, we were forced to integrate.

We are told that our grandparents who shouted at Blacks when they forced their way into our institutions were evil. Neocons plead that they are not their grandparents and apologize for their grandparents supposed sins. But there was no sin and they were not evil, they were sensible and knew what was at stake. Our solidarity as a people laid in the path of destruction. Our efficiency and innovativeness which the leftists claim is not good enough will be destroyed once this country becomes a territorial war of the world’s populations, whether it is through immigration and with no official war or with one.

We don’t need diversity at the workplace or at home for that matter and we did perfectly fine without it. There is a reason integration had to be forced at gunpoint.


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