Ever since the 2016 elections we have been bombarded with accusations of Russian collusion. Russia was supposedly interfering with our elections, planting millions of spies in our country, infiltrating the entire Republican party, and using bots to spread their influence. Of course, the media couldn’t resist spreading this loving slander to European rightwingers and their successes.

Any sensible person dismisses any Russian accusations right away as we have been oversaturated with them by now. But there are accusations of that kind that you should not dismiss, in fact, you should look into them as I have. These accusations are of Chinese subversion. Specifically Communist Chinese subversion.

Just a few months ago, a Chinese spy was caught trying to steal American aviation technology for China. Chinese knockoffs are notorious for their similar design to American products to the point of laughter.

Take a wild guess at what that came from

But spying is typical for all major rivals, so this is no surprise. What is more surprising, although it shouldn’t be a surprise, is the level of influence the Chinese have over American politics. The Chinese have quite a lot of sway amongst American politicians. The infamous Dianne Feinstein is a prime example of this, having relationships with Chinese officials, being pro-Chinese, and having a Chinese spy as her cab driver.

It gets much worse than a corrupt Californian demagogue being in bed with the Chinese though. In Australia, a country with many Chinese immigrants, it is reported that ethnic Chinese are approached by the Chinese government and offered to spy on Australia for China. Doing so can give them and their family back home benefits including paychecks. If the immigrant happened to have participated in protests of the wrong sort, their family can expect harrassment, imprisonment, or perhaps they may just disappear. The same kind of thing happens in America and it is suspected that China uses LinkedIn to recruit. Additionally, China keeps a tight leash on foreign exchange students from China in the US, making sure their opinions are of the correct kind.

When it comes to US officials, China tries its hardest to keep them in line, i.e. not expressing the wrong views about China such as, let’s say, a disdain for overarching cultural genocide in Tibet. American companies are also threatened with being kicked out if they express the wrong views such as those.

Again, it goes deeper. China has attempted to sway public opinion on Trump, hoping to produce the blue wave in the 2018 midterms so that the US-China trade war will end. These attacks have come in the form of influence with American farmers who fear a bad trade deal with China. Soybeans have dropped in price significantly, leading to some farmers in Kansas and other places that grow soybeans changing their minds on Trump.

Russia, a Christian, White conservative nation gets crucified for much less than this. And on baseless accusations no less. American rightwingers get accused of being russian spies, bots, etc. all the time with little evidence for any of it. If we are to be looking to any nation that does subversion today, it should be China, although others certainly partake in the activity as well, largely coming to the same consensus on where they believe America politics should be heading, left. If any of this shows us anything, it is that China is the same subversive system that the Soviet Union was, just much less subtle with their actions. They are exploiting us and our generosity, using their immigrants to spy on us and using our reliance on them to influence our elections. It certainly goes much deeper than all of this, but as for the secrets lying beneath the deep state, we’ll just have to wait.


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