In the previous article, we looked at how China subverts America with the use of Chinese foreign exchange students and immigrants. Just to recap, they are approached with offers of spying for China. If they family back in China, they are blackmailed into doing so, if not, they get a reward for it. This wouldn’t be problem if it wasn’t for our generosity.

If it wasn’t for our radically generous ways, these people would have never entered the country, much less been able to spy. It’s natural for one to always be loyal to their homeland over their new homes and even European immigrants ecperienced the same attitudes. But America is a nation founded by Whites, not Asians, so when Chinese immigrants come here, they do not see it as their home or even the potential to be one. They see it as a place where they can make a living and perhaps, although definately not always, where they can be free. Their true home will always lie in the Orient, along the banks of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers. This is why they readily accept the Chinese offers to spy on American businesses and institutions.

Before 1965, when our country’s immigration laws weren’t so suicidal, immigrants had to be of “good character.” That doesn’t just mean keeping out psychos and shizophrenics, it also means keeping out potential spies and people who hated the American system. Now you can come in so long as you wait a few years and pass a test. All in all, it’s so relaxed that it seems our immigration requirements are more akin to suggestions rather than laws or standards.

They are not American, they are Chinese. The same is true for all immigrants because they can never truly erase their loyalties to their homeland without having ties to this land and its people. They, likely along with their children, will always look to wherever they come from for their home. Those lands and its people runs through their veins and ours do not. Just like Yankees in the Southland, they do not care to assimilate and respect the native culture, rather, they will keep to their ways and will never even attempt assimilation.

This is all because of our generosity. We have lost the ability to say no and we now believe we must accept all people so long as they are legal. Ah, but a slip of paper is worthless when the whole world has it. It’s meaningless too when anyone can get it relatively easily.

If we accept everyone based on whether they can get the appropriate documentation, we are only setting our civilization up for collapse from ethnic conflict. When push comes to shove the “minorities” will form their own countries apart from ours. They may even take a piece of Dixie if we aren’t careful. The only solution is halting immigration completely and setting in place a system that appeals to our heritage, that is a system where Western Europeans are the primary ones that can imigrate if any others can at all. Diversity does not work, it cannot work. All it has in store for America is subversion and balkanization.

The quiet, relatively peaceful Chinese community has shown that it is not the benevolent Asian mistress, it is the malevolent, canniving Chinese wolf. The Red Dragon, not the Yellow Sheep.


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