Two catastrophic wars. Two wars was what it took to lead the greatest civilization the world has ever known done a path of sucide. That is what Douglas Murray details in his book, The Strange Death of Europe.

It is a tale of a continent attempting to put itself back together. But they got carried away in their generosity and hospitality. They allowed the migrants to overstay their visit and before long they began overwhelming whole cities, changing the human landscape as they went.

The death of Europe is strange, not because it is at the hands of foreigners, no that is very much normal; it is strange because it is truly at the hands of willing natives who have sold their soul to progressivism.

As they do so, their progressivism ironically dies out as they, their family, and their civilization dies. The migrants flooding the continent have no sympathy towards gay rights, freedom of speech, democracy, or religious freedom, their only desire is of a more wicked nature.

As Murray travels, he talks to and interviews numerous people from across Europe. Greeks and Italians whose towns have been overrun, French whose churches remain barren as mosques are built and filled, and of course, migrants from across the Third World. This all leads him to one conclusion, Europe is dying, its religion is withering away, its native people are being displaced, and its ideals are being usurped. Anyone who dares speak up is labelled a racist xenophobe at best and killed at worst.

The continent is being swept by the tide of change. That change is undeniably for the worse. Likewise, our Southland is going through much of the same process. Our lands are being invaded, our religion is withering away, and migrants are coming from Yankeedom and Latin America, two radically different places. Like in Europe, our people are too scared to speak up, caught up in our generosity and hospitality. Small towns are overrun with migrants, our cities are slowly cleansed, and we are left in low regard. No matter what the leftist narrative says, should we become a minority, this land will cease to be ours. It will slowly turn into something else entirely and George Washington will be forgotten in favor of Cesar Chavez.

All our glorious achievements and heroic feats will be forgotten as well. The South, just like Europe with the African and Arab migrants, will be totally unrecognizable. For all intents and purposes, the South will die.

Murray asks a very importamt question. Should Europe be open to all of the world’s people or should it remain for its native population? The same can be asked of the South and America in general.

Both places are under threat of death. A strange one at that.


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