Stacey Abrams has declared herself “a proud Georgian”, yet in recent news she was exposed as burning the old state flag in 1992. During the Governors Debate Miss Gap-Tooth herself stated she’s for Georgia values. Watching this ridiculous statement made me chuckle. What Georgia values was she speaking of? The only values, or better said as lack of such, was her fierce defense and worship of homosexuals. I’m mainly referring to when she was seen at the Atlanta gay parade waving to the hundreds of degenerates and reprobates who managed to take a day off from the bathhouse. Keep in mind that Homosexual marriage is still illegal in Georgia since the US Supreme Court has no jurisdiction in mandating such ungodly decrees. So, Abrams, the ultra-defender of deviant homosexuals, is telling us what Georgia values are. She also wants to give anyone who attends Georgia High Schools the benefit of colleges and state scholarships. This would include illegals and transplant children, neither of which parents pay taxes to the state of Georgia. So, it really seems Abrams is pro-everyone except True Georgians. Like I stated before she burned our state flag, how can one be anymore anti-Georgia than that? This clown is blatantly anti-Georgian and Christian. She even thinks Georgia should move past agriculture despite it being one of Georgia’s largest industries and is ingrained of Georgia’s identity. One does not march with the wicked and claim to be Christian. She’s the typical black cosmopolitan puppet.


The biggest issue that the media is talking about is the voting controversy. They claim that Secretary of State Brian Kemp is causing voting suppression by striking names off the voting registration. Kemp is indeed suppressing voting, but it’s the illegal votes and the votes of the uninformed and unequipped. So, I don’t really give a spit in the wind whether fools and frauds are purged from the electorate. No non-Georgian should be able to vote in our state elections, its that simple. I’m glad Kemp sees that. Unlike the hellhole called California we will not allow foreigners to usurp and violate our elections. I don’t care about the “our democracy” garbage spewed by the liberal media. If anyone is suppressing the votes it is their Antifa boot boys. So, that narrative is a moot point and another lie by the devious controlled NPC press.

-Abrams-endorsed flag burning

Georgians are staring down the barrel of destruction and total decay. I made this clear in my previous articles. Abrams, despite her oddly placed missing tooth and clownish hair, is a not a laughing matter. She has a chance of winning, even if it is not a big one. She has the foreign money and her allies are especially talented at resurrecting dead people for election nights. If White Georgians fail to show on election day she we’ll be our next governor. Democrats aren’t ones to dally once in power. She’ll, or more likely her handlers, will turn Georgia into the next California. Whatever negative things we can say about Kemp, Abrams is way worse, by a long shot. She will destroy rape and steal Georgia’s identity. She’ll sell our identity to the corporations while pretending to be for the little man. She hates Southerners and our heritage. To her were nothing more than descendants of backwoods terrorists who tried to destroy her beloved federal union inn 1861. She hates us, and she hates Georgia. Her supporters hate us and want to see every trace of Southern identity and people turned to scolding ashes, including Stone Mountain. These Abram fans have an animalistic rage and hatred of everything Southern and Christian. They want to burn not only our dear honorable flag but also us. By laying out on election night you are failing to the simplest and easiest duty of every Georgian thus enabling evil and wickedness. So, Vote Kemp, don’t sell out your birthright.

Cosmopolitan Reconstructioned Georgia that Abrams stands for

Edit by Roux Desjardins


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