One of the biggest worries our people have is time. Time is slowly running out for us. The clock is ticking before we become a minority in our own country, whether though rampant race mixing or mass immigration. With a caravan already heading toward America things aren’t looking good. Yet there is hope. With liberals and the lowest of the Whites failing to reproduce we can hopefully expect them to self eugenics. Yet we must act if we are to secure the survival of the Southern people (other non-Southern Whites should gladly heed this as well). We must start boosting our numbers through mass breeding. What do I mean by this? Do I have some plan to use Asian women, mass fornication, rape gangs or robots to keep our numbers up? Heck, no! I will not endorse such degenerate and wicked plans being tossed among the dredges of the internet. Such things are morally and more importantly Biblically wrong. We shouldn’t even consider such barbarisms. God set forth the plan of reproduction. That plan is how the Southern people should go. We must return to the roots. That means finding brides not one-night stands. Such lowly harlot trash isn’t worth our time. The Bible warns us of such loose Jezebels for a reason. So, dallying with them will only cause you headaches. Our young single guys should be looking in churches not clubs. They should look in the rural back roads instead of the street corners of Urbaniteland. Our younger guys who have less money should look to get married younger and if needed to marry younger females. No, I’m not talking about courting underage girls, unless you’re in that actual age range, but I’m speaking of guys marrying gals 4to 6 years younger than themselves if necessary. This will allow the Southern man (who will be in their mid to late 20s) to establish himself and get the money needed to start a family. Another good thing about this would be that the younger brides (of course 18+) would have a larger range period for child baring which is key in raising the birthrate. Our guys also need to stop aiming for super model tear 10 women and just be happy with the 6-plain Jane. Looks fade boys, but rarely does the inner self. That drop-dead gorgeous thot is also more likely to cheat on you and screw you over and then you’ll end up paying child support. Don’t get me wrong, if you can find a 10 out of 10 trad lady than by all means marry her. However, in most cases you can’t expect to be so lucky/blessed, and like I said before looks are overrated. I do realize that Southern or even non-Southern (but still White) gals don’t grow on trees, so sometimes you’ll have to compromise a little. That means courting the politically ignorant gal who still believes in the narrative, just don’t date a ardent liberal or feminist. What I’m saying is that you can’t expect females to be “Red pilled”, that can always come later down the line. Just make sure they aren’t overly worldly. You need to look for women who know how to clean, cook and most importantly WANT CHILDREN. The last part is most important. If your gal is a “one-&-doner” and you can find no way to convince her otherwise just let her go. All of our young guys need to be looking for those “hidden jewels”, the sort of women who aren’t portrayed by the media, at least in a positive light. One last thing to remember is that you SHOULD wait until marriage for sex, as the Bible says. Do not let our future dangle on the string of bastards and wedlock. Just wait. Put the ring on the gal and then consummate your marriage on wedding night.


Now its time for step 2.


Raising the future
Once you have your Southern Belle ringed and happily wedded you should move to the next step. That step is of course having children. Have lots of White children. I think every young White couple should aim for 10 White babies. Yes, this could be expensive, but you need to learn to stop being selfish. Life is about duty and honor not “me time”. Instead having children is much more fun than ending up the couple that carries around their dog in their stroller. “Snoopy is our baby”. If you need to cut spending to have kids than do it. I suggest first getting rid of the TV and cutting back on game night and football tickets. If you have a trad wife she shouldn’t be blowing through your cash on frivolous materialism, in fact she should be begging you to have another baby. For those thinking this is a fantasy, I can’t exactly blame you, I’ve seen this play out in real life though. It works well. There’s plenty of benefits to having lots of children. Its Biblical, traditional and important to save the White Southern people. Go forth and multiply. Plus, the process should be fun, as a true blooded male. Its not even sinful when its in the confines of marriage. It’s a win, win. Imagine if 200 of our guys were able to reproduce just 10 each, feel free to have more, that would be over 2000 baby Dixians. However, I’m not a quantity over quantity guy. Your offspring must be raised right. They must be raised Southern. Males raised to be political warriors and females raised to be aiders and helpers of these Southern warriors. That means you must beat it into their heads that duty comes before pleasure. That they are Southern and White. That their goal in life must to be to Free Dixie or hopefully by then to keep Dixie Free. Keep them isolated from the mainstream pozzed culture yet don’t let them become too isolated as be lured into it a later point. Teach them to hate it in fact yet show them reasons why. Don’t keep them locked up in the house once teens but teach them to enjoy the Southern outdoors and true comradery and courtship. They must be taught Southern history, meaning we must keep them out of public schools. The best way to find your child a reprobate is to send them to a public school. However, some children once taught right from wrong, once put into the Public-school environment will learn to hate it and defy it. I suggest only do this once they’re already well read and mature. This little trick works better with males and sometimes sending your kids to public schools is necessary. Albeit you should extremely avoid it.

Sam Davis camps get the basis of what I’m speaking of 

The end result of this plan is to raise the next generation of Southern Nationalists. With this plan we could easily see a Free Dixie happen. This process had been used and had brought greatness. Our ancestors were raised in this process. That’s why you had men like Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson, they were raised to be great and that combined with their inner spirit was able to breed heroism. Yes, were at a disadvantage considering our society has been so subverted, yet that’s why we must keep our offspring away from this poisoning. We must strive to this. It is realistically our only way to succeed and secede. How can we ever be free if we aren’t even around or are a minute powerful minority? We can’t. So please follow the plan followed by our ancestors and laid forth by the Bible.

Expect more articles on this topic as its extremely relevant.



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