Dixie is being held back. In every way Dixie is being restrained and subjugated by a cosmopolitan gang of globalist. The American Union are the chains of which they us to hold us back. They use their Yankee and other quisling pawns to keep us in check and undermine us while they sit on top of their throne of wickedness and filth. These demons, indeed they worship everything wicked and vile, are hellbent on turning all of Dixie into California or giant New York City. They hate us with an extreme loathing, while many of our own see them as just “fellow Americans”. They actually think we should or can “come together as Americans”. Whenever I hear such idiotic rubbish I don’t whether to chuckle or spit in disgust. How can people be so blind? We are under the heel of our enemies! We can’t come together with radical communist. To do so would mean total destruction. We can’t let this happen. No “coming together” with our enemies as Trump stupidly says. He still hasn’t sent troops to protect our border, despite the threat of filthy lowly Honduran barbarians coming ever closer. While he makes bold claims he always attaches “might” to his statements. Yet, like always the Trumpers are fully confident that he’ll make good on his words. Oh, how I wish he would. I don’t he’ll be doing much of anything but kissing up to Jews after the recent synagogue shooting. “Anti-Semitism won’t be tolerated” he says yet never has he said that anti-Whiteness won’t be tolerated. I have an idea for the Jews, how about you stop using your influence to gut free speech and harass and imprison White patriots and you wouldn’t have White people snapping, just a friendly suggestion. I’m not really expecting much to be done by Pres. Trump. Under the tyrannical Union we’ll never get much done. We’re under occupation. If we weren’t than we’d simply close our borders and stop deporting every single illegal without having to jump through various legalisms. But no, we can’t do that with imbecilic traitors like Rep Joe “drooling’” Kennedy and Elizabeth “wanna-be-tomahawker” Warren cheering on the Honduran horde. We can’t accomplish anything with the rope of Unionism hanging around our neck. We must push for Secession. I encourage our people to join the League of the South, Texas Nationalist Movement or the South Carolina Secessionist Party. Each of these organizations are growing and fully active.


We must push for secession before we’re drowned by the brown horde. America is dead, stop holding onto something that doesn’t exist. America has become an corrupt over bloated death machine which is played like a fiddle to the false song of globalism. Why can’t people just accept this fact and move on to something better and new? A Free Dixie is that better thing. Whenever I make this statement you have fools trying to tell me that secession isn’t necessary because of Trump. If so why hasn’t Trump sent the army to the border? Why aren’t we seeing our army sent to crack down on illegals already here. Why aren’t the radical leftwing cities under martial law for harboring hundreds of illegals? Why isn’t the media behind bars for aiding and abetting violent leftwing gangs like Antifa and BLM? For that matter, why isn’t Antifa behind bars for their weekly attacks on conservatives? Oh, yah I forgot, Trump and his feds are too busy chasing the Proud Boys and RAM! There too busy deporting invalid old German war vets! Too busy investigating Trump’s own family and phony Russian hoaxes. Now with this recent shooting we can expect Trump to crack down on alleged “anti-Semitism” and mass virtue signaling for the poor “Jews”. Sure, would have been nice if they did this over the Antioch shooting where Whites were attacked by a black Islamic refugee. Oh yah, I forgot, they don’t care about White Lives. When our people are attacked they ignore it, yet when some reporter in the Middle East is killed they make a fuss. What I’m trying to spell out is that , under the American Empire, the priority of the White South and Whites In general is dead last. That’s only when they’re not actively trying to replace us with some “new breed” of “Americans” as part of their sick experiment in Democracy. At this point being a Unionist is treason to your race and folk. So please grow a pair and raise the black cross of Southern Nationalism.



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  1. I agree with the cause, however others aren’t so convinced. Perhaps an evidence based approach would be more effective than that of an inflammatory based approach. Show us Yankee Angst against us via quote or video. Show us the migration numbers of Yankees to Dixie. Show us what evidence is available. Those who do not know the contempt the Yankees have for us do not understand our defensiveness. Truth will burn ever brightly once revealed.


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