If you were to look at modern America, you wouldn’t expect it was the same land that Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washingon lived and prospered in. This only gets worse looking at young folks.

No young person, except for a few exceptions, write poems or make an effort to learn from the great books we are fortunate to have been left in. They would rather be comforted by their phones and the internet. Unsurprisingly the percentage of teenagers that read outside of school is incredibly low at just 22 percent in 2004 from 31 percent in 1984. We can reasonably expect it to be even lower today especially since most teenagers cam’t get off their phones to even interact with friends much less a book.

No wonder belief in God and Christianity has kept falling. Our children have never picked up a bible and actually read it for what it’s worth. They can’t recite the bible, they recite the usual sunday school stories from when they were little. You can’t found a religion off of that, not in the modern world.

The Sahara of the Bozart may have been harsh for the South when it was written, but it would not be for America as a whole today. The South isn’t innocent of Mencken’s accusation today either, there truly is no great writer, no great author today. What we have now is a few desperate baby boomer hippies trying to write poems and some sad Gen-Xers that make their living off of making books for teenage girls. Oh how our civilization has fallen!

The usual utterances of the youth about school continue to be the typical “History doesn’t matter” and, “I don’t need to know about dead White guys.” The left fills our impressionable and intellectually devoid youth with this nonsense and they believe it because they have no reason not to. For all they know, history is useless, communism didn’t fail, and the South was wrong. The education system has purposefully failed to teach them the right way. The only education they get is from Hollywood and Youtube. How can we expect the youth to believe the truth that the South war right in the War of Northern Aggression when we can’t even get them to know a few facts about the war or its causes. How many kids today do you reckon would be able to name Jefferson Davis?

If you put a civilization in these conditions, it’s only a matter of time before it collapses in it’s own filth and anti-intellectualism. We can’t achieve greatness by sitting around looking at what eachother ate a few hours ago. It’s true, the education system has failed us, but so have we failed ourselves. It was the responsibility of the older generations to preserve intellectualism but instead they preserved ignorance. Everyone is at fault but one thing is clear. We need a revival.


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