Amid the drama following a shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, the lying press has ramped up it’s Trump rhetoric and has called him the usual slurs, nazi, racist, fascist, but they have also drawn false connections to tbe shooting and him. And the people believed it. A recent poll has shown support for Trump has dropped four points after the shooting.

In a recent article by CNN, the puppets crticised Trump for continuing his midterm rallies after the shooting. Articles like this undoubtedly have helped that fall in approval but it also shows the true role the Pittsburgh massacre has in the midterm elections. It is a hit piece or at least is being used as one by the media to deter people from voting red. Predictably, the useful idiots of the left have taken to the streets as Trump begins a mass holocaust on Jews. Oh wait, he hasn’t done anything of that sort.

In fact, Trump is one of the most pro-Israel presidents we’ve had in a while, even moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Decide for yourself if that’s a good thing, point is, the media’s claims of anti-semitism and apathy are baseless slander. Why is Trump supposed to halt all he is doing because of 11 dead people? He visited the synagogue and met with the families of the victims. He is supposed to halt and mourn for endless eternity because it serves a purpose, it gives the Democrats an advantage in the midterms.

The shooter didn’t even like Trump. Supposedly he was part of the Alt-Right but if he was then he wasn’t a very good member as he shot up the worst possible target he could. That’s ignoring that most in our movement, condemn such senseless acts of violence. As a sidenote while it’s relevant; anyone who condones such acts of violence are immoral no matter how you look at it; if the shooter was truly one of us, he wasn’t following our morals and was only acting out of rage.

Looking at the recent mail bombs, the media has also targeted Trump as the suspect was a Trump supporter. No matter what Trump says, he is still at fault according to them. The midterms have been called a referemdum on Trump and when that is made clear, the media’s criticisms begin making sense. Again, the double standard becomes clear when the media attacks on Trump for a bad apple but doesn’t attack anyone for leftwing attacks.

Recently the Republican headquarters in Volusia county, Florida. Of course it didn’t make headlines because that would be counter-productive to the Democrat campaigns. We can’t expect something like this to be as big of news as a shooting but it should be in the headlines to show how violence is not alien to the left, especially vandalism.

When you see these hit pieces on Trump, calling him an anti-semite or calling his supporters violent bigots, dismiss them. This is typical behavior of the lying press and anyone who doesn’t see that is ignorant. The usual double-standard is their rule, collapse of conservatism their goal. Knowing how big the “Fake News” narrative is among Trump supporters, it’s hard to see how he could lose any support for what the media puts out about him but alas, he has. Why? Because the media still has power whether we like it or not. They have the power to control what we see and get the first ideas into our head as we process the news. We give them this power by watching their channels and reading their articles and magazines. It’s clear, we need to boycott the mainstream media.


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