After the recent Synagogue shooting Jews have become more audacious and big-headed than ever. They are demanding absolute protection from any criticism aimed at them. They are screaming anti-Semitism at literally everyone including President Trump. Jewish leaders have ravaged and cursed the president for heading to Pittsburgh, where the shooting took place, to give dedication to the slain Jews. They say he’s encouraging and is in league with “White nationalist gangsters and killers” despite Trump being an ultra-Zionist. Their main concern is that Trump won’t let in the illegals to flood America and is calling out Soros for being subversive.

They are mad at him calling out globalists in general as they have anxiety that he’s really referring to them. Trump says, “We must stop the globalists and people trying to flood America with thugs from Mexico” Jews respond, “How dare you speak about us!” This all comes after Trump promise to destroy “anti-Semitism”. So basically, we have a group of elitist Jews in the media and in power trying to bully any opponents to their plans by weaponizing the Pittsburgh shooting. It’s pretty pathetic and down right dirty. Oops, I used the word “dirty” when referring to Jews, now they’ll label me an anti-Semite Whatever.

My main disgust has come from an article titled “We Can Replace Them” by the New York Times, NY Slimes as I call them; they have boldly declared they’ll be replacing Georgians in this election. In the article, the writer Michelle Goldberg, what a name, declares proudly that permanent Democrat rule is about to take over Georgia. In the article she talks about Stacey Abrams’ speech in Urbanite Atlanta about her first encounter with the Governors mansion.

The only clear memory I have of that day is a man standing in front of the most powerful place in Georgia, looking at me and telling me I don’t belong,” she said. “But with your help in 10 days we will open those gates wide!” The crowd stood, applauding and cheering, as Abrams said, “Because this is our Georgia!”

Who is “our”? Non-Whites and other minorities, of course, is what Miss Gap Tooth means. Those who didn’t participate in the founding of Georgia. Abrams is making it clear that her campaign is about taking Georgia away from Whites and placing into the hands of the Brown and Black masses. She is fully tapping into identity politics while rebuking Kemp for doing similar. Her media supporters are making no qualms about replacing us. Goldberg ends her genocidal article with “In a week, American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most. Show them they’re being replaced.” Make no mistake when she says “White Nationalist” she means any Whites who are nationalists, whether supremacist, Southern, American Nat, Civic Nat or whatever. The media is the enemy, like Trump says, whether they’re Jewish or not, they are the enemies of the White race. They are obsessed with crushing us and making us a powerless minority and if you’re against that you’re a “White Nationalist”. So be it. So just think about this if you’re the sort of cuckservative who virtue signals those mean “White Nationalists”, because according to the media you’re one too. Nothing you do or say can change that in their eyes. The Georgia people will issue their response next Tuesday on whether or not we’re willing to be replaced by non-White usurpers. Vote White, Vote Kemp. Don’t surrender your birthright.


Header meme by Roux Desjardins


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