With hundreds of rabid ant-American Latino’s heading towards America President Trump has called out the army of 5,00 troops to get on the border. Many MAGApedes will now be screaming victory and how Trump is going to stop the Squat-a-Durans. This is sadly false. Unless Trump plans to bypass current laws, I hope he does, then the army will not be allowed to even arrest or stop the invaders from crossing the border, much less shoot them like the Honduran invaders deserve. The media knows this and are gleefully gloating and calling out Trump’s pathetic attempt to gain votes for the Mid-Terms. That is exactly what Trump is doing. He’s had two years to change and prepare for this yet all he did was sorry tax cuts (for the GOP’s rich donners) and adding onto the sorry fence put in place by President Bush. By all means I hope he has the military push the invaders back, but I doubt he will. If he had the iron will of by gone leaders he’d tell his troopers to open fire on the swarthy dead-beat hordes or face court marshal and treason charges, but he doesn’t have it in him. He pretty much has admitted defeat when he made claims that he’ll have great tent cities for the “migrants”. Pathetic, utterly pathetic. Now Trump is claiming he’ll make executive order stopping illegal children from having citizenship. Birthright citizenship is a Yankee creation that was forced on Dixie during reconstruction, so I have very little faith Trump will actually do it. If so, why wait? Do it now! Stop twiddling your thumbs and act! Trump really doesn’t have an excuse, he’s not some low level political activist or some humble state senator, he’s the President of the United States. Just sign the executive order and be done with it, just like how he signed his order to stop illegal children from being separated from their parents, a privilege US citizens in prison don’t get. There are even reports coming in (even from the leftist press) of more caravans, this time they are armed with bombs and guns. This whole thing sickens me, just think about it. Our ancestors homes and cities were burned by the federal army yet now they wont dare think of harming the illegals. Illegals who are openly defiant and anti-American, all because they make some emotional plea and call themselves migrants. Where was the mercy to Southerners who were scattered from their homes? They were made to starve and be humiliated, while these brown invaders are given housing and food that would make our own poor envious. You want more examples? How about Little Rock where federal troopers beat and threaten to bayonet White people who refused to have their schools flooded by outsiders? How about Ruby Ridge? How about Waco or Ole Miss? US troopers were used to crush those people while these invaders are treated like victims. How dare they demand we take them in! They come to steal our birthright and rape our identity. To force us to bend to their ways of life while subverting ours. How dare they! In a Free Dixie ruled by Southern Nationalist, you guarantee they wouldn’t even have the courage to beg for help much less demand it. We help our own, not outsiders who antagonistically demand we bend our knee to there every whim. Migrants? These swine are invaders sent from the hellish back alleys and drug dens of Central America. You know who deserves the aide and food being spent on “migrants”? The flood victims in Florida Pan handle and in North Carolina. They’ve been completely forgotten by the Federal government as well as Florida state government. The League of the South was down their though adding the poor victims of the flood while the feds were busy rail roading the Proud Boys. That’s the whole problem. The feds and media our anti-White and anti-Southern. That’s why they care way more about invaders from South America than their own loyal citizens. Why you may ask, because our government is controlled by cosmopolitan outsiders and corporate interests. Thus, is why I’m a fire eating Southern Secessionist. What ever the case is were facing an armed hostile force of invaders that are coming to our border. So you can pick between the current broken system or a Free Dixie.



Raise your Secession Banners Boys we’re in for a bumpy ride

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