We all know Tuesday is midterm day but the dissident Right is squabbling over whether we should lay out or fully commit to the GOP and some have even advocated going Democrat. I take a more moderate stance that we should only vote for candidates that benefit us. That means populists like Kemp in Georgia and Corey Stewart in Virginia. Basically, I really don’t care where the US House goes in Northern and West states. The only Northern candidate I support is Steve King of Iowa who is being crucified by the lying press and mega-corporations for being pro-White. In Georgia and Florida, we face a fierce cosmopolitan black puppet takeover backed by liberal billionaires from Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Hell, Hollywood has been sending their hotshots to Georgia & Florida to campaign for Abrams and Andrew Gillum.

In Georgia its neck and neck and in Florida it appears might fall fully to Negro leftwing rule. Ironically in these campaigns we’ve found ourselves sided with unlikely allies. In Georgia we see Governor “Straddle-Bug” Deal campaigning for Kemp and we see Boomers going strong for DeSantis. The left has become so toxic and radical we’ve been forced to hold unofficial alliances with normie Republicans and neo-cons like Deal and Graham. The leftist media knows this and has been trying to get the moderates to turn on us in some grand cucking stunt since day 1. Its working in Iowa with King but so far Dixie seems to be holding strong. Many people are saying that if the GOP can hold the legislative branch that they’ll finally make some changes while others think they’ll just do more tax cuts and witch hunts for “Nazi’s”. I don’t know and like I said before I’m on the fence between these two strategies. My hope is that we can hold Florida and Georgia and get Mark Harris (NC) elected to Congress and Chris McDaniel (MISS) and Stewart (VA) elected to the Senate. I’d also would like to see the Zodiac Killer keep his Senate seat in Texas. I’m a Southern Nationalist so the South is what matters to be albeit I don’t want to see the rest of the nation fall to Marxism especially while were still in Union with them. I can firmly say were going to have a problem on our hands if we lose both Florida and Georgia, its not gonna be good folks. Georgia especially considering we aren’t even spouse to be a Purple state. By letting the Democrats win these races we’ll be showing were ready to go ahead and forfeit our birthright and our future. Each of these races of underlining tensions that are racial and part of the culture war, part of the war between the powerful cosmopolitan and the mistreated Southerner, between traditionalist and godless modernists, between good and evil. These races outcomes are going to drastically effect the future of Dixie and America as a whole. So get the stated candidates I’ve mentioned elected.
List of candidates that I personally endorse below (Rick Tyler is running for both TENN Gov and Congress). Feel free to comment below for any that I’ve left out. I know only Stewart and Tyler can be considered remotely our guys but all the candidates are at least decent enough or their opponent’s are too wicked to not vote against.

Tyler for Gubernatorial & Congress
Chris McDaniels for Senate
Mark Harris Congress
Stewart for Senate
Steve King for Congress
DeSantis for Governor
Kemp for Governor

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