In the midterms there will be 3 major races that will affect the outcome of Dixie’s future. The first two are the gubernatorial races in Florida and Georgia and the other is the US Senate race in Virginia between radical Marxist carpet bagger Tim “Creeper” Kaine vs Neo-confederate populist Corey Stewart. In all three races we have Trump backed populist running against left-wing radicals in Southern swing states. Georgia, Flordia and Virginia are each undergoing a change caused by an invasion by outsiders that have fundamentally perverted their identity. In Georgia and Florida, we have two black candidates trying to run as alleged moderates while Creeper Kaine runs as the New Reconstructed Virginian.



I’ve done serval articles on the race in my native state of Georgia but just over the last few days we’ve seen the race evolve into a full-blown national race. Abrams has had Hollywood elitist like Oprah Winfrey and Will Feral campaigning hard for her and even the supreme mix-blood himself, Obama, come to Georgia. Other California elitists from Silicon Valley have been throwing down millions of dollars to the Abrams campaign. President Trump, realizing that Georgia’s GOP future is at stake, has come to Georgia with Pence and Georgia’s Senators to campaign for Brian Kemp. We’ve also seen the blacks of Abrams movement fully embrace identity politics by weaponizing their “civil rights” mythos. Abrams blacks have even filed a lawsuit accusing Kemp of voting intimidation. Just a few days ago a black female federal judge sided with them, however it seems Kemp will wisely be ignoring the imbecile judge’s demands to let Georgia’s election be undermined. Now, Abrams gang of interlopers are trying to hack Georgia’s election on the eve of the Tuesday’s Midterms. I think this is them testing whether or not Kemp will submit to the hag judge’s demands. However, he seems to be going on the offensive… much to the horror of the Abrams campaign. Maybe their Black Panthers, who recently marched down the streets with “weapons of mass destruction”, as Abrams calls guns, will be able to change the election in Miss Gap Tooth’s favor. In fact, in a future where Abrams becomes governor, I can very well see her using bands of heavily armed blacks to keep Whitey in check. That’s how they did it in South Africa and Rhodesia after all. She still hasn’t shown any regret over burning our state flag or calling for the destruction of Stone Mountain. She did all this in the name of “fighting hate/racism” so why wouldn’t she use the Black Panthers to keep the “backwood racists” from “hating”? Her Hollywood handlers certainly would support such a move. Their beloved “Democracy” only seems to matter to them when Whites are the minority or are at some disadvantaged. Democracy to them is only a slogan and a tool to bring on a cultural Marxist left winged utopia.


In Flordia we see their plan working better.


In Florida we see the same push for Black Domination happening just with a better preforming monkey. Indeed, I’ll admit that Andrew “monkey” Gillum has done a better job on the campaign trail and debates than his female counter part in Georgia. Gillum and his handlers have managed to build a strong coalition between South Florida degenerates, Sea mongrels, blacks and college students. Gillum has tapped into the movement created by Bernie Sanders in 2016. Sanders was able to become the surrogate father of the libertine bastards who make up the “Alt-Left”. Most college liberals of all colors totally lack any strong male figures in their lives thus Sanders sort of became the hipster granddaddy of these reprobates. It might seem odd to some but in a way its fitting considering how long Sanders has been trying to subvert America. These new SJWs hordes are his ideological grandchildren, the end result of the so called “Civil Rights Movement”. Gillum knows that his key to victory is wining the new generation of filth in Flordia, thus is the reason he had Sanders down there campaigning for him. He has grown a sizable and certainly dangerous youth voting block who have been energized by the school shootings. David “Stick boy” Hogg is the figure head of these subversives along with his bald harpy comrade Emma Gonzalez. These snot noses have been constantly crying and screaming for “muh safety” after the Stoneman shooting. Now they are screaming we hand over our guns, so they can have safety. Selfish cowards deserve neither safety nor the right to vote. This makes me remember the quote by Benjamin Franklin; “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”


Gillum is also funded by powerful left-wing barons from New York including elitist Jews like George Soros. Florida like New York has a sizable Jewish community who will no doubt get behind Gillum. Gillum also has the advantage of winning probably the entire region of South Florida due to the Caribbean invaders, especially the swarthy Porta Ricans. Georgia only has Atlanta and the black belt to worry about whereas Flordia must worry about its entire Southern part which has been invaded by brown hordes. Thank the weak-kneed federal government for that. Their candidate unlike Kemp has failed to expose how foreign the enemy is and has recently been having to deal with Gillum playing the race card. DeSantis is your average MAGApede populist , albeit that’s better than a neo con, is the Florida man running for Governor there. So far, he’s putting up a decent fight and he has a fair chance of winning Tuesday but to win he’ll need all White hands on deck. Make sure to tell your grandma and papa to vote DeSantis. Florida faces, like her sister state of Georgia, total negro domination if Gillum takes the Governorship.



The final race worth mentioning is the US Senate race in Virginia. This race has had a buildup of two years with the GOP candidate Corey Stewart previously losing the GOP nomination for Governor by 1%. This race is for the soul of the Upper-South and Virginia, with Stewart being a pro-Southern/Confederate candidate and Tim “Creeper” Kaine being the urbanite transplant’s choice for Senator. Virginia even more than Georgia has faced a total wave of replacement from not only Latinos but the cosmopolitan yankees and Jews. Washington D.C has been speedily expanding its cultural tendrils into Northern Virginia slowly choking and destroying the state’s Southern identity. Thus why you had the original Unite the Right Rally. The corrupt leftist demagogue Kaine symbolizes the hostile transplant who is hellbent on turning all of Virginny into a vacation spot for vacationing Feds. The Swamp is eating up Northern Virginia. Stewart has made his campaign a crusade to Retake Virginia. That’s his actual campaign slogan, Retake Virginia. He has become a fierce defending of the Southern identity and has been labeled a “neo-confederate hatemonger” by the lying press. Stewart with his slack by hair and Southern suits has canvassed the state warning the Virginia people that their identity and birthright is being stolen and raped by hostile outsiders. He is our guy, or at least as close as you can get when having a winning chase of becoming a US Senator. Basically, if you live in Virginia and don’t vote for Stewart you can consider yourself a traitor to the Old Dominion State.


We must win these races, we can win these races. These races are all close but they’re certainly winnable for us. These races will decide the fate of the Southern people, whether of not we’ll expect being replaced and ruled by outsiders. Its vital we win these races and show the press and the enemies of Dixie that we well no longer tolerate them trying to subvert Home Rule. We will not be replaced, and it doesn’t matter whether some New York Times scum say otherwise. We will raise the banner of Southern defiance once again and tell the criminals to shove it. So, get out and vote. Vote DeSantis, Vote Kemp and Vote Stewart. Dixie Must Remain Ours.

Are we gonna let Hollywood Elitist subvert our elections?

memes by

Roux Desjardins


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