A common phrase Republicans repeatedly utter nowadays is “Vote jobs, not mobs.” While jobs and the health of our economy are certainly at state this November, it should be stressed that the main issue is much bigger than that.

Should the Democrats win, we will lose much more than jobs and gain much worse things than mobs. One thing we will lose is our border security. The Democratic party has morphed into many things but chief among them is their new identity as the party of open border. No longer are they simply the party of immigration which was bad enough; no, now they must open the flood gates completely. Their goal is not to have 1.6 million immigrants flooding in, it’s to have 10 million. 30 million if they were able. When the ICE protests were underway, remember that it was the Democrats fueling the fire and calling for the occupation of ICE buildings.

Another thing the Democrats have morphed into has been the party of socialism. Let’s remind ourselves how many countries absolutely failed under socialist and communist systems shall we? Russia, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Sweden need I go on? Not only will we be much less prosperous under socialism (under the Democrats) but we will be funding our very own replacement

As immigrants come in in record numbers with easy pathways to citizenship, we will be funding their welfare which they disproportionately use. Come on in y’all! Enjoy our money and generosity as you continue hating us!

So we come to the central question of this article. What exactly is at stake? Everything good and the suppression of everything evil is the answer. As the crusade against sexual morality continues with transgender rights and whatever else these progressives go on about the day, it’s only a matter of time before other wicked things are embraced by the Democrats. Pedophilia, beastiality, necrophilia, that’s all on the agenda. Hell, pedophilia is already being pushed and becoming a mainstream issue, just give it a few more years.

If you want that along with open borders, socialism, cuckoldry, etc., then vote Democrat. You can do it knowing that you have shamed your ancestors and will incur the wrath of God. Do it knowing you are the reason all things good will end and the reason America will not survive another century. But if you still have your sanity and don’t want those things, vote Republican. The Republican party may not be the ideal party but it is much better than the alternative.

If you don’t wish to see this country go straight down the gutter or you don’t wish to see this country take in every migrant that shows up, then please vote Republican. Really there is no reason you should be voting Democrat tomorrow. They are a party of corruption as we saw with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. They are a party of everything wicked and the nemesis of everything good.

Vote red. Make the red tsunami happen.


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