As the Central American caravan nears, the chairman of the Chief of Staffs, Joseph Dunford, clarified what the troops sent to the border will be doing. Next to nothing. Not to stop the caravan at least.

The military isn’t allowed to detain anyone so its role will be to provide logistical support and a few thousand more sets of eyes along with the equipment they will be bringing. These troops will be used not to stop the caravan but other illegals which will likely not be all that numerous in the time the military is there. This revelation isn’t shocking given that them not being allowed to detain criminals has been law for a while. Given clownworld, it is expected.

Speaking of the military being there, this deployment will only take between 42 and 110 million dollars. Most of that will be spent on transporting them there. That may sound like a lot but in the grand scheme of our military budget (which comes out to about 600 billion) but really it is a drop in the water for something so important like border security so why haven’t we been doing this all along? Hell, it should be a regular deployment with troops rotating in and out just like Afghanistan is. At least we would actually get something out of this.

Get this, we are also required to consider asylum for whomever requests it. That’s even after the UN has established that refugees and asylum seekers are supposed to apply for it in the first country they come to. Logically, this band of invaders would be turned away when they got here. Thing is, the American Empire doesn’t really care about border security. If it did, those laws would be changed and all asylum seekers from this caravan would be sent back immediately on pang of death.

A country is a house for the people that live in it. Nobody has a right to barge in and if they attempt to, we retain the right to use deadly force to get them out. It really is that simple, but the American beuracracy and the left all agree it would be unjust! How dare we defend our borders the way Israel does!

There is no difference but instead of criticising Israel and not being a hypocrite, the government turns a blind eye. Israel was right to defend its border like it did but we should be able to as well. Its common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is in low supply these days.

If we want true border security, it seems we need a Free Dixie. There simply is no way in the current state of affairs and the likelihood of it changing is terribly low. It definately won’t happen in the time we have allotted. 2060 is the absolute deadline people. If we can’t change it before then it will never happen. So, a free Dixie is the only way but this is a good thing. We can achieve what our ancestors longed for and also get away from the cursed American “land of immigrants.”

We here never were a land of immigrants, we are a land of one people that slowly grew with the help of a few of our cousins from overseas. What immigrants did come were from Great Britain and Ireland which we shared a common brotherhood with. Dixie won’t be sharing that brotherhood soon though, no, instead its brotherhood will be with Mexico and all ties it had to Europe will be non-existent once we are scrubbed clean like Afrikaners in South Africa.

It’s do or die when it comes to immigration and we best get to work if we wish to live. Letting in another 8,000 welfare junkies, hoodlums, and criminals certainly isn’t helping, but neither really is our military. They’ll be gone a few weeks after the caravan hits most likely. It’s all about optics to ensure us everything is fine. I assure you it’s not, this is an invasion, and as it stands now, it’s coming and it will get through.


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