All across Dixie, women have forfeited and abandoned their traditional lifestyles. No longer do they wait politely for the right man; instead, they readily spread their legs for people they don’t even really know. The hook-up culture has come down South and has entrenched itself so much that it seems it was always here. Ah, but it hasn’t.

You see, not long ago, less than a century, women did not run around scantily clad, drinking beer, partying, and having dozens of partners before they (if ever) settled down. They were polite and well-mannered, not giving in to degenerate behavior such as promiscuity and partying. They held true to their Southern, Christian nature. Some still do and are deserving of our respect and praise, but for the vast majority who don’t, they deserve condemnation for their behavior as well as a warning.

This is not the way our ancestors intended, to have their daughters become harlots without morals. This is what feminism has taught women to be, claiming it is “liberating.” If anything, it is oppressive, detaching them from their heritage as well as the LORD. These useless acts of degeneracy are not liberating, they are destructive.

Research has shown that more premarital partners means higher rates of divorce. In the hook-up culture we live in, it is no wonder divorce is so high.

Southern culture is dying and the death of the Southern Belle is just one symptom of it but it is also a cause at the same time. As our women abandon their traditional lives for pleasure they open all of Dixie up to the same pleasure addiction. They are the mothers of our young; as their morality decay, so too does the morality of the youth.

Restraint is in order for Southern women. You should not live for pleasure but for God. Neither should you live in wicked relationships with boyfriends, never marrying but still having sex and bastards. This is wicked, ungodly behavior. It is also not Southern but something else entirely. The women in the Civil War did not run around seducing all the men that weren’t at war. They held down the homes and were as vital to the war effort as the men at the front.

Could we truly expect today’s irresponsible women to do the same? No, it is likely our men would come home to broken homes and fragmented relationships. Hell, it happens now and we aren’t even really at war. Women go about divorcing their husbands over the smallest things. The love went away, they fell for another man, or God forbid, have fallen for feminist hatred of the traditional family. This affects the children most prominently, but it also affects the women involved. They aren’t living up to their Southern heritage, they are disgracing it. Of course, none of this is to say men don’t do the exact same things but both parties are at fault and we shall take these issues one step at a time.

What point is there to fighting for the South when it has lost its soul? We cannot allow half of our population to become so corrupted, we must restore the Southern Belle.

-This is what we’ve been reduced to


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