Technology must be restricted in a Free South. We must put an end to robots replacing Blue collar workers just as we must stop foreigners from stealing job. We can not allow for robots to end up making manufacturing jobs a thing of the past. In a Free South we must outlaw such evil. Yes, a free South is necessary for this.

The United States Government is far too much in bed with big business and drunk off unrestrained crony capitalism to take the measures necessary to stop the elite from replacing the middle class. Make no mistake, the multinational corporations are the enemies of the people. We on the dissident Right should know, even regular normie cconservatives should know by now that big business isn’t on our side. The real problem of course isn’t having business or a free market but having too much of the latter and the wrong people running it. Really this issue comes down to having the “good-ole-boy” common sense logic. No, replacing jobs with robots won’t create new jobs. In Japan they’re already making robots to create and work over other robots. The Big dog capitalists are already talking about these new wonderful break throughs in technology that will “cut cost”, meaning they’ll be cutting the worker. In a Free Dixie you can suspect the Southern man to be put above the profits of a few high up greedy fat cats. There has to be a line drawn on this, we can’t just allow technology to just increase to the point to where human workers are no longer needed. There is one group of people, if you can call them that, that are especially and most zealously pushing this tech advance.

Meet the enemy

California technocrats are the problem group, especially those infesting Silicon Valley. The West Coast coastal elite are the major pushes of the plan to replace human workers with mass technology. They think it as another step in their never-ending march of “progress”. Their proximity and closeness with the Asian world, who push out new “advances” and tech weekly, causes them to move further and further into their pitiful technophilic wet dreams. These soulless Bugmen of California love their tech and would love nothing more than to see it replace the “archaic” working man who they loathingly call “rednecks”.

I can already imagine the smug wide mouth Soy boy grin they’d get from seeing our people jobless and turned to vagabonds. They live to see us in pain and suffering. Just check a few liberal twitter accounts to get what I mean. The bottom line is that we must heavily discourage advancements that will lead to the mass layoffs of Southern workers. Otherwise you’ll have a new class of drifters looking for chicken feed jobs in fast-food places for a living. Both White-Collar and Blue-Collar workers have to fear these irresponsible corporations who seek to replace the garbage man with a self-driving truck and the office man with an AI. In a Free Dixie you would have massive restrictions laid out to stop this ant-human drive by godless avaricious CEO billionaires.
If you don’t think this techno-crazed filth is a threat I recommend you Google “Jobs that will be replaced” and then think over whether you’d like to be reduced to working at the Whammy Burger for a living after C-3P0 replaces you at your workplace.



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