It feels like a good thing, liberals leaving their party for the Republican party. With 100,000 followers on its Facebook page, it’s big too. Many cite the rampant socialist tendencies, the suppression of free speech, and the open border agenda as why they are leaving the Democrats. However, there are some subtle effects it will bring with it that most haven’t fully understood.

There’s a terrific period of politics we can look to in order to get a glimpse of the future. When the South left the Democrats, it had some major implications on the Republican party. The Republicans had by then become a party of moderates looking to reduce taxes, something it still is to a large degree. When Southerners came into the party and established themselves, it changed though. Politicians don’t tend to switch parties so the South began electing their own Republican candidates; candidates focused on social conservatism. As this happened, the Republican party as a whole began shifting right further and further until we get to where we are today where it has pushed out most Neocons from the Senate and the House (for the most part).

The same can happen with the liberals and the Walkaway movement if we aren’t careful. These liberals (using the term literally) are not conservatives and do not share our ideals. They stand a chance to shift the party leftward again, leaving us disenfranchised and having to play a game of 4D chess, something we don’t have time to do. They won’t change the party right away of course, but given a few years, perhaps by 2030, and we may be left with a Republican party we are at odds with yet again.

If this happens, it might be best that we form our own party. That might be for the best but it could be harmful to our movement in the long term, who knows. This is all assuming the liberals will actually run their own liberal candidates and won’t simply vote for neocons but either possibility is equally scary.

There is however another possibility. This is that the liberals leaving the Democrat party will not convert to true conservatives. This has been happening for quite some time now as liberals begin realizing that their noble concepts of politics are unsustainable if the leftists get their way. As they change parties they become more open minded and gradually gravitate toward the Alt-Right, realizing that if the status quo continues their noble ideals will die completely as the Hispanic and Asian voter blocs begin changing America into a third world shithole.

So how should we approach this issue then? Well, the only reasonable approach is to welcome it with an open mind but with a sense of caution. We have work to do, changing the minds of our peers so that our movement grows, and the walkaway movement will help us as the migrating liberals become more open minded. We will however have to convert them to true conservatives or they will be a net harm for our movement than a good. If we cannot shift the Republican party to a staunch anti-immigration party then we will be left with only the 3rd party route or the race war route, both of which we would rather avoid for sake of peace and time.

Time is not on our side whatsoever and the growing forces of new Democrat voters and White death by drugs, suicide, and aging are working against us. 2060 may be our final deadline but we must remember that about 30 percent of Whites are leftists and as such, we have less time than expected. Now that Texas may turn blue by 2030, we might have even less time. And so we must be cautious when liberals join our party without joining our movement because they could be just like the neocons who promise us hope but go behind our backs and betray us like every Republican since Reagan (the verdict is still out on Trump). As thr Democrats gain voters by the day and we only lose them, it seems our only reasonable approach would be caution, but not exclusion.


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