As a homogenous, safe, prosperous capitalist country, it was only a matter of time before Japan got the same “progressivism” the West has had for over 50 years. The ground in Japan are fertile for another Western style catasrophe. But Japan is not completely shut in to foreigners like most rightwingers believe. While 98.5 percent of the population is ethnically Japanese, small minorities do exist and there is even a few dozen mosques in Japan, and it’s all set to grow.

But first let’s give some background. This seems like a role model the West could look up to but Japan’s culture is just a degenerate wasteland of its former self. The young no longer have children, the men are pacified wimps many of whom stay in their apartments and only ever leaving to get food, and honor is no longer as prevalent of a moral as it used to be. It’s gotten so bad that the Japanese people actually have an extinction date. Add on to that the fact that the population puts the term “workaholic” to the test and you get a sad view of Japan’s future generations. Since Japan’s people are like this it is fertile for progressive ideals.

New workers will help the economy and will be able to help take care of the old they say. Of course, this is just a dream. Nevertheless, new relaxed legislation on immigration has been drafted. The new legislation would give Japan’s immigration system two new categories for migrant workers. The first would allow migrants to come and stay bringing their families for five years so long as they are proficient in Japanese. The other category is for workers with higher skills that could eventually apply for residency.

Blackpigeonspeaks on youtube has voiced his admiration for the new bill, saying that the West should implement something like this as well. Thing is, we did have something like this in Europe after World War II. It ended with the migrants never leaving, gaining citizenship, and turning the areas they inhabit into the third world. The same lies happened in American in 1965 when we were told our country’s ethnic mix would not be disrupted. While the Japanese may think this will solve their problems with the economy and taking care of the elderly, all it will result in is the selling of the Japanese soul to globalist interests.

The UN already has Japan set in its sights for a replacement migration agenda. Don’t believe me? Just click here.

Japan will no longer be a homogenous nation. It will be invaded slowly, just like the West. By 2060, once America has either sorted out its problems or succumbed to them, Japan will be professing that diversity is its strength and the Japanese people will be entering the census at 70 percent of the population as Tokyo turns into a third world shithole where Japanese women are routinely culturally enriched by Mohammed, Ahmed, and Abdul. By 2100 Japan will be nearing the tipping point and by 2125 it will be all over.

Japan will no longer be a safe, capitalist country, it will just be another market for evil globalists as they drain the country’s blood until it has no more. Japan has the opportunity to simply look at the West and get a glimpse into the future of diversity but they seem to be ignoring us. Their loss.

I suppose their fate will just have to be decided like ours.


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