Arizona used to be a deep red state, much like Texas. In the middle of the desert there it stood, a staunchly conservative majority White state. But the tides are changing and the recent senate election is just one of many signs of that unfortunate happening. Neocons and the generally ignorant rightwingers were quick to blame election fraud as the culprit of Martha McSally’s loss to Kyrsten Sinema. How is it that Arizona could possibly switch?

The truth is, Sinema was being set up to win years ago. As the population turns from non-Hispanic White to predominantly Mexican, Arizona becomes bluer and bluer. In 1980 the population of Arizona was 74.5 percent non-Hispanic White, meaning Germans, Irishmen, and Englishmen mostly. Now it is just barely 50 percent as the Mexican invaders stream into the state by the thousands. Since hispanics of any race vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, Arizona would logically become a deep blue state.

The cuckservatives and MAGApedes can’t understand this. Their reasoning for McSally’s loss is election fraud which most certainly happened somewhere but it wouldn’t be able to affect the election in any major way if there wasn’t a fifth column of Mexicans in the state that could jump in with White liberals and Blacks to make it all blue. In 2006 Republican Jon Kyl won the senatorial race with 53 percent of the vote with the libertarian taking 3 percent. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema won this year with 49.9 percent. Arizona is now a swing state, no doubt about it.

The neocons see a MAGA hat wearing Mexican immigrant and assume all of them are like that, trust me they’re not. It’s simply not in their interests to stop the replacement. The neocons and cuckservatives believe also that this is all fine and well and all we need to do to stop Arizona from turning blue is convince more people! I say, we have been trying that for decades and all it has resulted in is the complete rolling over of an entire demographic (White Arizonans) and the slow replacement of them at the hands of their neighbors from just across the border.

Again though, it must be reiterated, moving new Democrat voters in the state is the number one way to turn a state blue. Furthermore, Hispanics have voted primarily for Democrats since the party switch was completed in the 90s and immigration was ramped up drastically in the 70s and 80s. As Arizona and all states for that matter gain a new Hispanic voting bloc, they will inevitably become more Democratic to the point that some, like California just to the west, will become safely blue states.

It’s just inevitable with our immigration system and the failure to see that is why so many “conservative” quislings are cucking to amnesty while wondering why on Earth red states keep turning blue.

It you want to see an in-depth view at all this, I highly recommend the video posted above.


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  1. this will benefit us, in the longrun, because, as Arizon become Soviet Mexifornia, many Whites will flee eastward into Dixie, helping us some in our own demographick battles.

    Just as one sees a political realignment going on, so too, will one see a White Democraphick shift, which, by the way, has already been underway with Golden State Whites immigrating to The Dakotas, Montana, and Texas.

    Just you watch – Whites, as a whole are not going to take being a minority in their own lands. They will awaken and shift.


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