California is a lovely part of the North American continent. Beautiful redwoods that steal the breath of any who beholds them, sky high mountains, and stunning lakes. However, outside the amazing canopy of the redwoods, a cancer is growing.

A cancer known as Hollywood that infects and kills everything it comes into contact with is rising. A disease that is in need of a cleansing by fire. Luckily, in recent days; the forest has provided as it always does.

Malibu burns as the dwellings of the race traitor sellouts are engulfed in flames. Nature’s revenge is inescapable, and money burns just like anything else. The Hollywood scum are paying for their crimes.

One cannot help but to think back to God’s punishment and the pouring out of his wrath on Sodom and Gomorra. Perhaps that very event is being re-enacted for all the world to see; on National Television no less.

Perhaps instead of the Yahweh God of the Hebrews, the Greek god Pan has led his forces of nature to take revenge. To burn the cancer of Hollywood off the face of the Earth. We wish him success in his endeavors!


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