In case you needed another reasom to hate California, the dreaded state has produced a torrent of controversy (again) when Representative Eric Swalwell proposed a plan to buy back semi-automatic weapons from gun owners. When he was met with opposition and told that America would have a war on its hands if it did so, he dismissed it by saying America has nuclear weapons so gun-owners have no chance. Take just a few seconds to ponder what that implies.

Supposedly he was only being a smart alec, but he still wants to take guns away from law-abiding citizens essentially by force. Then he wonders why he gets some backfire. I believe we can take the liberty of giving Mr. Scalwell the nickname, “lunatic”. But lunacy is abundant in the Democrat party.

Stacy Abrams, another lunatic, has also sponsored bills to limit gun ownership, like House Bill 731. She also called AR-15s “weapons of mass destruction.”

That bill failed to be passed but the Democrats have had successes recently, especially in Maryland where new red flag laws have made it so that guns can essentially be confiscated with no due process, just a phone call. That’s right, if dear old gun-owner Joe down the road has hurled another bad glare your way, you can get him back by calling the police and telling him he is armed and dangerous! No due process, the police will simply show up and take Joe’s guns away.

As of the time this article was written, 114 confiscation requests were made, 36 of which have been attended to with one dead gun-owner. The neocons and civic nationalists still will worship the police of course though, go figure.

Of course, some of these were most likely justified but it all denies anyone with guns of the right to due process and gives the state plenty of power to use to take away guns from law-abiding citizens. It’s just another of America’s refusal to address the real issues revolving around mass shootings. We ignore fatherlessness, degeneracy, and the suppression of masculinity and so the state is able to do this nonsense.

This won’t stop, we have no reason to believe it will. Just like with Confederate monuments, the right has spent the last decades reiterating catch phrases and the same arguments and it has only resulted in gradual gun control instead of outright gun control. We must learn that this will come to our front door as well, not just a few mentally ill individuals. A few of those Maryland requests were most likely done out of spite but how can we know without a trial? This is why we can’t allow any gun control whatsoever.

Mass shootings have just kept happening despite the laws and if we look at other countries, like Britain, crime has just gotten worse after the banning and confiscation of guns.

We are unwilling to deal with the real issues and so until we do, I highly reccomend that you be very careful with your guns. Don’t talk about them to anyone you don’t have to, perferrably just trusted friends. That means don’t post pictures and videos of you with them on Facebook. It might end with you not having them at all, or maybe you being killed at the hands of a few of the state’s henchmen.


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