Let’s face it, Red states are going blue more and more. This isn’t because of ideological shifts, it’s because of migration. This can be seen best in Texas where county after county turn blue as the hispanic population marches upwards.

Texas is one of the most important states in the country, housing 28.3 million people, granting it 38 elevtoral votes. If Texas goes blue, Republicans are going to have a much harder time winning the presidency. Unfortunately, that is exactly what’s happening.

In the Class I senate elections, Texas has gone red since 1993. In the Class II senate elections (taking place two years after Class I), Texas went red for decades before that although the party switch wasn’t complete until the mid 90s. In the Class I elections however, the Republican margin has kept slipping in past years. In 2006 the Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson won with 61 percent of the vote. Six years later, Ted Cruz won with 56.6 percent This year, in 2018, Ted Cruz won narrowly with just 50.9 percent.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with the people being elected and such, however, the Hispanic voter bloc in Texas has only kept increasing and undoutbedly has a lot to do with why a progressive like Beta O’Rourke was even able to contest the election just a few weeks ago. In 2012 Texas was made up of 70.4 percent White Americans if we include Hispanic Whites which we will. That’s down from 86.8 percent in 1970.

Coincidentally, as it decreases, so does the margin of victory for Republicans. It’s gotten so bad that Vince James of The Red Elephants has made the prediction that by 2032 Texas will go blue completely. If that had happened in the 2016 election, Trump wouldn’t have won.

If James is right, it isn’t the end of the world for Republicans or our movement, but we would have to compensate with gains elsewhere. The Midwest would be the best target for that but getting Yankees to vote for social reform like we want over economic woes like healthcare is difficult. Doing on a continual basis even more so. Unfortunately, a blue Texas would just harm Southern conservative representation even more as we progressively lose congressional and senatorial seats to the Democrats. Texas by 2024 could at the very least be a swing state. I say 2024 only because the Trump effect can win Texas in two years, I’m sure of it.

The Blue wave might have been smaller than anticipated in the 2018 midterms but there is something much larger coming. This won’t be a puddle, a wave, or even a tsunami, but a complete deluge, and Texas will be a sea of blue before long.

We have a vested interest in doing everything we can to stop this. Virginia went this way thanks to Yankees and as we can see it has turned completely away from conservative ideologies in the presidential and senatorial elections. In many places in both Texas and Virginia, Southerners have become a minority, harming our representation not just to the US House but in our state governments. Virginia’s General Assembly is barely a Republican majority, hanging by a thread most times. If this is the way Texas wants to go, they should be rolling over to the migrants from south of the border and all the Yankee settlers that keep coming from California. If not, I suggest they do everything possible to stop it.



  1. ‘Let’s face it, Red states are going blue more and more.’

    With all due respect, Sir – the majority that The Republican Party has owned in recent years, has not existed since the days of Harding and Coolidge.

    That said, demographick replacement is becoming a serious issue for Whites in various places.

    Indifference, despair, and apathy are hallmarks of most White Races, these days, and White Southerners, sad to say, evince all of those traits, in spades.

    Survival, as a culture and a people, will come down to changing that.

    I see some signs of change among a minority, but, as to the majority, I really do not think they care; AND, if they ever read your article, they would either yawn or belittle it for White Supremacist paranoia.

    Of that I am sure.


    1. They’ll be made to care when their starving in a minority socialist ran democratic state or we have a economic collapse or even repression like in 08’.


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