As Thanksgiving nears, millions of Southern schoolchildren will learn of its origins in Yankeedom. This makes a Southerner wonder, where is the Southern history? We learn about the pilgrims and their hardships for weeks annually for much of our earlier childhood but Jamestown and John Smith get a passing mention?

Why should it be this way? Our ancestors toiled in the mud and dirt to establish that colony and it was a lot more important than the Plymouth colony was. They endured the hardships and fought and bled and starved to establish that great colony of Virginia. But we are forgotten so that the Yankee can have all the glory. So that Southern schoolchildren will mistakenly pride themselves by claiming their ancestors came over on the Mayflower.

For any self respecting Southerner, this isn’t the way it should be. Our children as well as ourselves should know the true history of their people and their ancestors. We have no ties to the pilgrims or their culture. Our ancestors came across the ocean not to join a theocracy in New England but to make a living and life in the South. We aren’t religious because we were forced to be, but because we want to be.

It isn’t just Jamestown that gets this neglect though. The history of America from independence to the end of the Civil War has been reduced to nothing more than a lie about pacifist Northerners working to free the Black man from the hands of evil Southern plantation owners. We are slandered this way, but also deprived of the true glory and heritage our ancestors reaped during that time. The tales of Daniel Boone and Andrew Jackson are cleansed from the minds of young Southerners so that they are reduced simply to more names.

Learning the history of your ancestors is vital developing a national sense of identity. As Southerners, we are a minority in America and it is so much more important that we teach and preserve our heritage. If we want to preserve our monuments and just our sense of being Southern, we cannot afford to let the corrupt public schools fill our children with Northern history but not others not to mention their demonization of everything Southern.

So, this Thanksgiving, don’t recall the Puritan pilgrims, recall the Jamestown settlers or even just the success of our ancestors. God must be thanked for everything we and our family have been given, not just what we ourselves have. Instilling a sense of being Southern in the younger is vital in continuing our fight and one of the key ways to do that is to honor your ancestors, NOT the ancestors of others.


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