Not all midterm elections have been decided and one of the most important is the Mississippi Senate election where Democrat Mike Espy is looking to overturn Cindy Hyde-Smith’s seat that she recieved after senator Thad Cochran retired. Back on November 6, the election saw neither Mike Espy or Smith win a clear majority and so a runoff election is to be held on November 27, just a few days away.

Mike Espy’s campaign, much like Andrew Gillum’s, relies mainly on slandering Cindy Hyde-Smith as a racist that will bring back lynchings. Yes, Smith made the poor decision to show her admiration for a friend by stating, “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” The comment undoubtedly had a poor choice of words but to equate it with a support of lynchings is a stretch and should not be the deciding factor of an election as important as this.

Unfortunately, the left knows it can use this and so it has. Espy has said that comments like these are unfit in modern Mississippi and have no place in it. However, Hyde-Smith’s rebuttal to Espy is completely right, stating that Mississippians are tired of being mischaracterized and slandered for remarks of little importance. They are tired of slander.

On actual issues, Espy fails to apply logic or Mississippian values yet again. He points out how wages continue falling in America despite many companies raising them voluntarily. In a rural, agrarian state such as Mississippi, the culprit is not evil capitalists, it is immigrants who are willing to sit on the roadside and work for five dollars an hour where as natives are only willing to work above minimum wage. Protecting America from third world immigration would no doubt help prevent this but Espy and his Democratic allies pay no mind to that fact.

Another contentious is gun control. In the wake of recent mass shootings inside and outside of schools, many have turned to guns and the freedom we have regarding them. This is a distraction, as Hyde-Smith pointed out in the PBS debate. The issue with mass shootings is not about guns, it is about mental health. Most shooters have been found to have been fatherless. The lack of a father raises a boy’s aggression, depression, and frustration with the world and so he often becomes violent. Many seek to lash out with domestic violence but some turn to mass shootings, hence why they have been ever so common as rates of fatherlessness increase. We didn’t have to deal with these events back in the 50s yet gun laws were much less stringent.

Mike Espy may describe himself as a consevative democrat, but he is nothing of the sort. Stopping immigration never comes up with him except to pay lip service to his audience. Building the wall is not on his agenda and neither are true gun rights. In comparison, Smith has showed herself to be a true Mississippi conservative, even if she isn’t all that hardline. Not only does she support hard immigration restrictions and oppose gun control, she has shown herself to be a true Mississippian, dressing up as a Confederate soldier and showing her support for Confederate heritage and history.

In this day and age, a sight like this is rare to see in politics but it has come and we should welcome it. Obviously she was not just defending Southern history, she was embracing it as an sensible Southerner should.

With the House falling into Democrat hands, Republicans have a vested interest in creating a safe majority in the Senate. Should we win this election it will be a majority with 54 Republican seats and 46 Democratic ones. Since Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears to be nearing the end of her Supreme Court days, another Brett Kavanaugh styled debacle may be in order which is just one of many reasons why Cindy Hyde-Smith must win. For the Mississippians reading this, be sure to vote and get everyone you can to do so as well. Offer free rides for your friends, post signs, get involved, do everything you can. Bottom line, Mississippi can either send this Southern lady to the Senate, or it can send the race baiting, leftist demagogue, Mike Espy.


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